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    Amanda Wakeley TSV 06/09/21

    How mini and how much?
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    Is anybody buying?

    Wow problem? Think we're entitled to an opinion!
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    Amanda Wakeley TSV 06/09/21

    Any idea what it is, surely it's in the warehouse?
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    Is anybody buying?

    Bought loads last year during lockdown. Bit more selective this year. Destello has taken over with a lot of tat. I am particular about what I buy but you get a mix between them and TJC.
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    Amanda Wakeley TSV 06/09/21

    Do we know what it is yet?
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    So Q have 2 new presenters, I thought Ophelia was the only new one. When is Julia retiring? She looks dreadful these days. And yes I also find Chloe unprofessional and annoying.
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    The Huntely - where has she gone ?

    She has posted on Instagram, off for personal reasons.
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    QVC Confirm Bye Bye Decleor

    Wow shocked t Wow shocked to read this. Was Fiona pushed? Used to buy a lot of the Decleor range. Sadly QVC are stocking some really expensive brands. I've been buying skincare from TJC, which is much more affordable.
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    Amanda Wakeley TSV 06/09/21

    No offence but I love labels. You can always sell on when finished with them.
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    Chloe getting married

    She's gay? Well that makes sense now. Such a clutz and is so unladylike. Cannot believe she's a Virgo, like me. I'm the opposite of everything she is! Never heard it mentioned once!
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    Frank Usher Accessories TSV 06/03/20

    Yes it's a top apparently. Wish they would do proper sizing - S/M/L or one size, doesnt work.
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    Doll 10 TSV 21/03/20

    Another new concealer, how are we meant to keep up financially with all these new products?!
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    Lulu Guinness Handbags TSV 27/04/20

    Stopped buying them, much more affordable leather bags available online and on the high street. We no longer need to pay over £300 for a bag! Ebay is also a great alternative to find something you want. I got my last Lulu bag on there for half the original price.
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    Lola Rose Jewellery Designs TSV 07/03/20

    So old fashioned, this is like something she produced in the early days, who wears this? I much prefer her bangle bar pieces, they look more expensive.

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