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  1. Grizelda

    New Line for MW

    Melissa said that Marla would be coming out with a completely new and different line of clothing in September. I imagine it will be leisure wear ... joggers, hoodies, and the like. I'm only guessing.
  2. Grizelda

    Bin bag?

    Jackie Gabler was wearing a black pleather jacket the other day that was much too big for her. It looked like she was wearing a black plastic bin bag with a zip. It must have been a Kim & Co piece.
  3. Grizelda

    Jaquie and Charlie

    Did you see them together late Sunday evening selling very reduced price Nina Leonard? They were clowning around having fun, but Jacquie couldn't control her laughter, so it finally became a bit embarrassing. She was either flirting with Charlie (probably not) or feeling embarrassed herself at...
  4. Grizelda

    Signature Orange Piping ?

    Did anyone else notice that Helene Berman nicked Ruth Langsford's idea to put orange piping around the inside neck of her animal print jacket ? It's on the leopard print one and maybe on the others too. How is RL going to react ? Helene has also upstaged Ruth by bringing out a much nicer...
  5. Grizelda

    Showing too much

    DF was caught on camera showing a lumpy tip of her bozoom the other day and yesterday Charlie's dangly bits were so obviously hanging free on his inside leg. I'm surprised none of the bosses have spoken to him about this because it's happened before. He needs advice on wearing better...
  6. Grizelda

    Hot Chocolate Maker

    I find it odd that the Hotel Chocolate hot chocolate machine makes only one cup of chocolate, although two cups are provided when you buy the machine. So, if you are sharing, you and the other person have only a half a cup each. If you're not sharing, this doesn't apply, of course. I just...
  7. Grizelda


    Ruth Langsford was on QVC yesterday evening, but I was surprised to see that it was a repeat of last week's show. Is she not selling her 'range' as fast as expected ? Something fishy going on !
  8. Grizelda

    Gok's Jumper

    I wonder if there are some QVC shoppers called 'Strong" ... Eliza Strong, for example ... who think it's fun to wear this t shirt. Otherwise, the message, 'I am Strong' looks and sounds like a 'self help' sort of thing.
  9. Grizelda

    Just saying

    Jula said : "By the way, I really like the black and white one... Just saying". What does she mean by this? She was talking about a MW top. Does she expect someone to buy it for her?
  10. Grizelda

    Simon Brown

    He's good at presenting cookware. but not too hot at cooking. The aubergines in his aubergine casserole had turned black and were swimming in an evil looking grey sauce; his scrambled eggs with tomatoes had turned pink, and his roast lamb was overcooked, dry, and shredded. Maybe QVC use the...
  11. Grizelda

    Ruth's lack of humour

    Maybe because her school marmish tsv top was not going down as well as she had hoped, she threw cold water on Jackie's attempt at humour. Ruth's sour expression and nasty comeback showed that she was struggling to keep smiling. It must be tough for her to always be so "nice"!
  12. Grizelda


    What I particularly dislike about her, aside fr her current wardrobe choices, is her habit of making sexual innuendos whenever she can. What's the matter with her? When men do this, most people assume they don't perform too well in the bedroom. But when a woman does it??
  13. Grizelda

    Flatter fit?

    Marla Wynne's so called "flatter" fit trousers look awful on the models. They are creased and wrinkled all way up the legs. Are they wearing a size too small? And yet the BA, Melissa, tells us to go down a size if we have slim legs. She must realize that these trousers don't flatter at all, yet...
  14. Grizelda

    Intimidated ?

    Several presenters, as well as Ruth Langsford, have said they find the designer Helene Burman intimidating. She certainly is always immaculately turned out ... not a hair out of place, tasteful jewelry and perfect makeup. As for her coats, though, ... so many have no front fastening and on...
  15. Grizelda


    Has anyone a comment on Prai Cosmetics and the woman who promotes the brand? Her sales technique relies on shaming women because they have wrinkles. She tries to make women feel unworthy because their skin has (naturally) aged. She demeans women and promotes self-disgust (if we allow her to.)...
  16. Grizelda


    Nice to have jeans designed for women whose figure is going south, but much too overpriced. Jackie looked good in hers, but, despite her ingratiating twaddle, Ashling did not look as 'incredible' as she said she did - maybe owing to her bad posture.
  17. Grizelda

    Yada yada yada

    Alison Keenan seems to be a very likable person, but why does she speak so fast? I can't keep up with her sometimes. Yesterday, she talked at such a rate that the guest finally gave up and let her go on and on and on. Is it nervous energy? Does she get paid by word per minute?
  18. Grizelda

    Style Channel

    I happened to see Charlie and Glen presenting a women's clothing show. OK - Glen is a fashion expert, but his sidekick isn't. How does he know how women feel in their clothing? "We are loving this fabric." he says. "We ..."? What finally p....ed me off, however, was when they discussed...
  19. Grizelda

    Molton Brown

    I recently bought the Rhubarb and Rose hand wash (It's just soap, really, isn't it, but that sounds too common.) It has a nice, fresh scent, which does not last above 15 minutes tops. So, it is not true that the perfume lasts and lingers.
  20. Grizelda

    My Little Eye

    What a strange promo. Surly, aggressive-looking models with pimply skin. At the end, the girl throws a handbag into the camera. Why? Almost as bad a promo as the Radford one where someone threw a pot of paint onto a beautiful leather bag.

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