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    Merely incompetent or outright lying? You decide...

    I was going add this to "Random musings and general banter" but decided it was important enough to deserve its own thread. First up we have this Vostok watch show broadcast on Saturday 25 August; watch at...
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    Today's (March 31) channel changes in full

    If you're wondering what has happened to Bid and/or Price-drop TV today, this should explain everythink (© Gollum) for you: The 'old' version of Bid (Channel 23) on the SDN/COM4 mux has been renumbered 791 and will shortly be discontinued. (A CBS Reality TV channel will be available on Freeview...
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    Ofcom launches investigation into the Sit-up channels

    If you thought that presenters working for the Sit-up channels were looking glum for some reason very recently, here's why: Personally I'm not a fan...
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    What looks like yet another tanzanite scam

    Earlier this evening, Mikey Mason was selling some tanzanite items but it was the way they were sold that reeked of scam, even though there were only 2 in the quantity. At least to his credit he said that they were "graded tanzanite stones" but that should have set alarm bells ringing as to how...
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    Bid Plus

    Looks as if the Speed Auction branding has vanished for good, having now been replaced by Bid Plus: The on-screen graphics used are fancier than before, with the left column occasionally being replaced by a product description and the phone number alternates with the site...
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    Mystery box

    Yes it was Mystery Box Time™ again with Peter Simon on Bid TV this evening. This time it was three pieces of "Rocco Rio: an Italian designer brand" crystal-embellished tat in a box (watch, earrings, studs) initially hidden in a box and selling for £10 before reducing to £6.99+p&p+phone call. I'm...
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    Thomas Earnshaw (est 1805) *cough*

    How can they get away with THIS?!?!?! Tonight on Price-drop TV Richard Hardwick's flogging a consignment of Thomas Earnshaw watches, and all the watches I've seen being sold tonight have an on-screen description starting "Thomas Earnshaw (est 1805)". Now if they're directly implying that the...
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    Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

    Just when you thought it was safe to switch on the TV, they're back for revenge, tea and sympathy. The Worry Angels. This time they're in domes - presumably high security containment for your own protection - and have a light in their base. (Colour changing, apparently.) Saint Peter Simon's...
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    How not to sell a watch pt. 93458904538

    Earlier this evening Richard Hardwick on Price-drop TV was responding to a viewer's text message asking if they had any Thomas Earnshaw watches for sale. (The answer was No, which must have been a close shave for the viewer in question.) Anyway, he said that they were going to be selling...
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    You will never guess what's on Price-drop TV

    Yes...Let me guess...Er... So where on earth have they magically found £20,000 worth of stock without warning which just has to be cleared tonight, like all the other recent "flash clearance" weekends, each one never to be repeated (though to be fair I never heard the "never to be repeated bit"...
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    ID Protection Stamps

    This is perhaps the most hilariously overpriced item to be sold on these channels since the worry angels. If you haven't seen this being sold yet, have a guess as to what these little beauties are supposed to do, and the answer may not be what you think. If you've seen the thread title you'll...
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    James Gardner selling perfumes on Price Drop...

    James Gardner really knows how to tell a good story; he really ought to be employed on Jackanory instead if that's still going. Anyway, tonight he was selling perfumes, which among other things were "the most exclusive perfumes in the world", "top shelf in Harrods", "ordered transatlantically"...
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    Peter Simon sells Diamond Jubilee items

    If you want to see Peter Simon getting all patriotic in the name of selling Diamond Jubilee items then watch Bid TV right now :smile: "Not only from Radio 2, not only from the BBC, not only from the television screens..." Ahhh...bless him
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    Bid's turning into QVC

    More than 55 minutes so far spent selling just one product - a Toyota sewing machine with accessories - at a fixed price. And a company salesman used to demonstrate the benefits of the product along with the (shouty) presenter. If this isn't QVC under another name then I don't know what is...
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    Bid TV sinks to a new low. Literally.

    Peter Simon's currently flogging Titanic memorabilia by regaling everyone of this tragic event on the 100th anniversary. About as tasteful as selling pictures shortly after the death of a certain artist, which is something that no self-respecting TV channel could ever conceive of doing, oh...
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    Cheer up everyone...

    There's a "Flash Clearance Sale" on Price-drop TV with flashy graphics and Steve Macdonald! Whoo hoo! :smile: Which means more opportunities to buy the same old junk at the same old prices like the "Sonic Precision Cleaning Kit", featuring a tiny brush which means that it takes twice as long to...
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    James Russell selling Tanzanite on Bid TV. Again.

    And lying though his teeth big time!!! Yeah, this is "AA Tanzanite" that's "darker" than AAA Tanzanite "he's seen", so it's somehow "better" Hilarious part is that the tanzanite he's selling isn't exactly flying out the door despite setting ludicrously high start prices, dropping the price a...
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    Mpre "What's in the box?" nonsense

    On Bid TV now the "£35 Jewellery Lockdown" with Mikey Mason complete with even less hair (not bald yet but seriously getting there). Mystery boxes containing dubious items, sirens, etc., the works :smile:
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    Zotrim diet supplement

    Zotrim is a "herbal diet supplement" currently being promoted on Price-drop (and elsewhere perhaps) by Nicola George and is being sold this Sunday (at 5pm I think). Given how massively controversial many of these so-called diet supplements are, it will be interesting to discover exactly what the...
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    More honesty in product descriptions?

    James Gardner was selling "London Collection" jewellery on Price-drop TV earlier this evening, and I noticed that the on-screen product description contained the words "Gold coloured". Could this be a new age of honesty for these channels? However James did spoil this illusion somewhat even if...

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