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  1. lynnonthelake

    Axel Ruth

    Asam have put out a statement that Axel from Flora Mare has passed, I don’t know the full circumstances but it was very sad to read 😞
  2. lynnonthelake

    Alison Young

    Has anyone read today’s newspaper article where she is telling us what it’s like to live with her chronic health issues,I honestly had no idea it was that bad, also didn’t realise she is 55 😊interestingly Qvc have admitted that she has shifted 78,000 Elemis skincare sets in one day worth an...
  3. lynnonthelake

    Such sad news.

    If anyone remembers Leigh from Tarte who left to join Doll 10 I’ve just read that her young child has died in their sleep, so tragic 🥲🥲🥲🥲
  4. lynnonthelake

    Chloe Everton

    I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but just looking at her and her partner getting married and they both look incredibly happy 😃 I wish them well.
  5. lynnonthelake

    Tom from Alpha H.

    Sorry to read that it will be Tom’s last show on April 27th, he really was one of my favourite guests.🥲
  6. lynnonthelake

    Gary Cockerill

    Who is he? And is anyone buying his makeup 😊
  7. lynnonthelake

    Bare Minerals

    Just noticed on Q America BM are introducing a new foundation stick it will be available early feb,anyone know when it will hit the Uk and will Q be the first to have it.
  8. lynnonthelake


    I'm really enjoying using the Rose Brightening oil and I've now ordered from M&S korres Black Pine oil to try,anyhow can anyone confirm that AY said there was going to be a full hour show in September,not sure because of my alcoholic intake if I imagined it.:mysmilie_11::mysmilie_492:
  9. lynnonthelake

    Wonder if she's taking her eeek with her.

    Yes it's been confirmed Lisa Snowden is going into the jungle,she will be even more unbearable!!!
  10. lynnonthelake

    Own up who was it.

    According to Gill Gauntlet Qvc viewers have requested that Poo -Pourri be put into boxes so they can be given as gifts,how charming to receive this.:mysmilie_51:
  11. lynnonthelake

    IT Cosmetics.

    Seems like L'Oreal have aquired this brand so it remains to be seen if it will stay on Q and if the formulas are changed.:mysmilie_48:
  12. lynnonthelake

    Simon Brown

    Congratulations to him on his marriage to his partner Jeremy they have been together for 23 years,he's one of my favourite guests even though my culinary skills are very limited.:mysmilie_48:
  13. lynnonthelake


    For anyone who is interested,I've just recieved the TSV that she launched in America,it contained a new 4K ultra HD Fantasy Foundation with brush,2 shadow sticks extra in Smoky Quartz & Moonlight,a brand new mascara and lip shellac in Cherry blossom.i must say I'm impressed with the foundation...
  14. lynnonthelake

    Qvc America

    I've just been browsing this site and noticed a lot of items are labelled with As Is prices,this means these products could be customer returns,vendor samples,discontinued inventory or on air displays,do you think this would work here.
  15. lynnonthelake

    Ariane Poole

    Do any of you remember her the first time round,I was always surprised that she left Q not sure why,anyhow I really liked her cosmetics so I'm pleased she is back.
  16. lynnonthelake

    Julien Macdonald

    Yes he's just back from Hollywood where all the Hollywood stars live and he's been spending time with the Kardashians,are we meant to be impressed with this,yawn,Yawn Yawn.
  17. lynnonthelake

    Friday's TSV

    Sorry if I've missed a thread but is it the Apple TV.
  18. lynnonthelake


    I stupidly ordered the new design Bibi Bijoux bracelet made up of black beads and gold charms,it arrived yesterday and I wasn't that keen as it seemed very flimsy and light but instead of sending it back I thought I would wear it to a restaurant that evening which turned out to be a big mistake...
  19. lynnonthelake


    Have I missed a thread about the TSV on Sunday,I'm hoping it's the new Tulip model.
  20. lynnonthelake

    Ridiculous pricing.

    How on earth do Q calculate the cost of an item I've just seen a cardigan priced £53 and 1 pence it doesn't make sense to me ,I could understand if it was 99 pence but this is crazy you never see these prices on the high street,maybe someone has an explanation as it's beyond me.

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