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    Get More Stock

    Sewing Quarter needs to be invested more. They keep underestimating how many people watch and buy, it's a really good channel but GET MORE STOCK.
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    Random musings and general banter.

    Oh no peter simon is on right now 7am jeez this man is constantly on air.
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    Lisa Riley Launching Her Fashion Collection

    That's right former emmerdale soap star is joining idealworld, to launch her fashion collection on thursday 10th november confirmed on twitter. Oh great another minor celebrity that's joining the idealworld shopping channel. It was confirmed via riley's twitter timeline.
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    Rename Ideal world TV The Sally Jacks Channel

    That's right rename Ideal world TV To The Sally Jacks Channel. Sally Jacks always on or her mate geneplease and dennice oh smiley aussie rick hay. All this channel sells nowadays is fashion and fitness and crappy diy products. Does anyone on this forum like sally jacks or like me find her...
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    Derek Marks has joined the jewellery maker

    That's right Derek Marks Has joined the jewellery maker.

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