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  1. Graham

    The Craft Store welcomes Richard Orford as a Presenter

    If you’re watching The Craft Store next week you may notice a familiar face as they introduce Richard Orford as a new presenter. You may recognise him from ‘Find a Fortune’ (ITV1), ‘This Morning’ (ITV1), ‘The Live Six Show’ (Sky One), ‘Holiday on a Shoestring’ (BBC1) and ‘The Disney Club’...
  2. Graham

    Sara Davies launches new Craft with Sara workshops

    Sara Davies MBE, founder and creative director of Crafter’s Companion, is launching a limited series of virtual craft-along workshops. The Craft with Sara workshops offer attendees the opportunity to try a new creative experience. Each person who signs up to a workshop will receive all the...
  3. Graham

    Wondered where this thread had got to ?

    I will add a voucher codes section, if you have any ideas for any other sections in here or other parts of the forum just drop me a message.
  4. Graham

    14 Hours Daily from September

    Direct Store TV will be on air 14 hours a day from September 1st 2021 on Channel 680, as well as Channel 676 11.30am - 2pm Daily. From October Direct Store TV will be Live every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6pm - 10pm. You can also join Mike Saint for Facebook Live every Thursday from 2pm -...
  5. Graham

    Looking to change Energy Supplier?

    This is NOT related to QVC in anyway but if you are looking to change Energy Supplier and would like to help in the process, check out igloo, I personally have recently changed and found them to be the cheapest. PLEASE only check them out if you are currently looking to change...
  6. Graham

    John Scott Leaves Crafters TV

    Yesterday John Scott presented his final show for Crafters TV. READ MORE
  7. Graham

    Advertising Banners

    I wanted to apologise for the amount of banner advertising that Non VIP Members are currently seeing, due to Covid 19 advertising has dropped significantly, even ITV have seen their advertising during the pandemic drop by 40%. Obviously I am doing all I can so that can come out...
  8. Graham

    Help .... does anyone remember

    Been annoying my brain, can anyone remember the name of the hand carved furniture company that used to be on Sunday Afternoons with Shaun Ryan?
  9. Graham


  10. Graham

    Hand Sanitizer 15% Discount - Cheaper than Ideal World

    15% OFF Code: friend15yes or press to auto apply the code
  11. Graham

    Toilet Roll Pack £79.99

  12. Graham

    Face Mask £4.99

    After the toilet rolls on Ideal World who would have thought things could get worse ........
  13. Graham

    Toilet Roll Pack £79.99

    Then Sally Jacks brags about her haul in the Sale at River Island as many people are worried if they will receive their next pay packet.
  14. Graham

    Toilet Roll Pack £79.99

    Missed this, totally disgusting, Ideal World say it was months in the planning, no excuse the show should never have aired.
  15. Graham

    How can I go ad free?

    Back to drawing board, although I have tried all browsers and iPhone and iPad and can’t get any ads to show, it may help to clear your cache, if not I will continue, I will get their in the end I promise.
  16. Graham

    How can I go ad free?

    The Banners to the right should now be gone.
  17. Graham

    How can I go ad free?

    Thank you, still working on it right now :(
  18. Graham

    How can I go ad free?

    Thank you still working on it.
  19. Graham

    How can I go ad free?

    I have changed a few settings, can you let me know if it has made any difference? Thank You
  20. Graham

    How can I go ad free?

    I am working on this, apologies.

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