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  1. NoMoreSpendsEva

    Speedy Delivery

    I've just had QVC delivery lady at the door with the two piece Oil dispenser set I bought on the 13th. I hadn't expected it to arrive anytime soon given the weather etc in my neck of the woods. It puts my M & S delivery of shoes & dress to shame as I ordered those on the 11th which was due...
  2. NoMoreSpendsEva

    Rachel Allen Mini Chopper

    Just watching this now. The chopper isn't working that great as everything seems to be either sticking and they're dishing it up in lumps. The chickpeas were whole! Not sure if it's the product or lack of time. Not very encouraging. I do love her books though:rock:
  3. NoMoreSpendsEva

    Pilates Aero 4295

    Watching now and wondering if this machine is any good. Anyone bought it and thought it was great? Thanks, :flower:
  4. NoMoreSpendsEva

    JF's Word For Today

    Kitsch Kitsch Kitsch Kitsch :tongue2::tongue2::tongue2:
  5. NoMoreSpendsEva

    Refuse Delivery Query

    I stupidly bought a dress:sad: that I quickly changed my mind about over the weekend. I gave them a call but already "in process" so can't cancel. As I have been ever so good recently :angel:and am not expecting any other QVC items, can I refuse delivery? And if I could, does it class as a...
  6. NoMoreSpendsEva

    Hello, I'm New....ish

    I just wanted to say hello after finally registering on the forum:blush:. I've been lurking for a while as I've become a little bit disgruntled with QVC and needed a bit of reinforcement to stop me buying things I don't really need:wink2:. The posts have made me laugh out loud at times and...

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