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  1. Aries

    TSV's October 2009

    17/10 - Liz Earle 25/10 - L'Occitane (2 choices!) 28/10 - Leighton Denny 30/10 - Yankee Candles Smashbox? So many to choose from, any other good ones in the last week of October? Last week of October not showing on the QVC TV Guide yet. I'd like the Liz Earle, both L'Occitane (lol) Yankee...
  2. Aries

    Suarti - Clearance

    For anyone interested more items in Suarti clearance. Plus some not showing in clearance but are anyway!
  3. Aries

    Pearl Necklace - £19,150.00

    Pearl Necklace - £19,150.00 QVC have just had a pearl necklace on - 685206, for ...................... £19,150.00!!! :[IMG]http://i124.p:
  4. Aries

    Salvador Dali's Art in Jewellery - 5pm

    Treasure the timeless, beautiful designs of this range of fashion jewellery. I believe this is a new range at QVC today, no item numbers showing yet. :) [IMG]http://i268.pho
  5. Aries

    New Jewellery - Lunch At The Ritz 2 Go

    A new jewellery range on QVC, what do you think? 10pm, Saturday 2nd August.

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