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  1. OokeyKat

    Alpha H and Perricone @ TK Maxx

    Today saw loads of bottle of perricone nutritive cleanser in TK Maxx and also Alpha H liquid gold moisturiser and other Alpha H goodies!
  2. OokeyKat

    Liz Earle perfume set

    Cleanser, toner, skin repair Moisturiser and a choice of perfume for £49. I bought this recently and as I was a new customer I got 15% off bringing it down to less than 42 quid, bargain! :tongue::wink: That includes priority delivery too, I got mine in 2 days...
  3. OokeyKat

    Missing parcels and taking my money!

    Hello there, advice needed! I ordered something a week ago. The parcel according to Hermes went missing before it even reached the courier last week. In the meantime qvc has taken my money out and I called them. I have to now wait for a form to arrive and fill it in when the Hermes site clearly...
  4. OokeyKat

    £10 off when you spend over £20... ?

    Anyone get an email with reference to the data protection updates £10 off when you spend over £20 when you get email code next week! ----> The QVC update email had the following info.... They must want my dosh!!! • To qualify for the voucher, you must click on the “CLICK TO QUALIFY” button...

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