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  1. I Love Chocolate

    Kirks Folly - She’s back

    Kirks Folly returning in November.
  2. I Love Chocolate

    Charlie’s giggling fit

    Love it when he gets the giggles.
  3. I Love Chocolate


    OMG! He’s driving me nuts. Usually, in his summary of the item, he just repeats exactly what the guest has just said. This time, on with Davina, he’s said when he gets up he always puts his gym gear on so that he’ll do some exercise. Davina said the same thing 10 seconds earlier!! Micael made...
  4. I Love Chocolate

    Has anyone ordered ...

    from QVC lately? I’ve seen lots of complaints from people not getting their goods. I just wondered whether it was worth the risk?
  5. I Love Chocolate

    QVC Website

    Someone on FB asked what jumper Anne was wearing. I like a challenge so thought I’d try to help. So I typed in “yellow jumper” to see what came up. Answer: 0 results. So I thought I’d try other websites. M&S, Debenhams, DP and Matalan all came up with lists of yellow jumpers and, of course, I...
  6. I Love Chocolate

    Color Wow

    ... Dream Coat Anyone use this and get good results? It’s on my list of things to maybe try some day! My hairdresser is offering it at £15 a treatment. It’s costs £23.50 for 200ml via QVC so I’m wondering if I should try it for myself taking advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee, let...
  7. I Love Chocolate


    She’s having a baby. Looks absolutely gorgeous (as she always does). Due in May. Lovely to hear some happy news.
  8. I Love Chocolate

    Tili Box 4/1/19

    Out tomorrow (I think). Anyone know what’s in it, please?
  9. I Love Chocolate

    Coat or jacket

    QVC always call outerwear like this a coat (to make you think you’re getting more for your money). I call it a jacket. What do you think?
  10. I Love Chocolate

    Tova Borgnine is driving me nuts!!

    I have literally screamed at the television with the amount of times she has said literally!!!! :mysmilie_51: :headbang:
  11. I Love Chocolate

    IPhone 8

    Grrr!! Lee Hohbein is really annoying me. I’ve just got the iPhone 8 on an upgrade so was interested in listening to what he had to say re the features. He was telling a pack of lies. The phone CAN charge to 50% in 30 mins but you need a special USB-C cable and a higher wattage charger and...
  12. I Love Chocolate


    Her skin might look ok (but who knows under the make up?!), but for goodness sake Abi, get your roots done! Ruins the whole effect in my opinion.
  13. I Love Chocolate

    Discounts for existing members

    Well, we've been asking and QVC have been listening. All you have to do is spend £100 or £200 between 18/9 and 24/9 (one week!) and you'll get either a £10 or £20 voucher off your NEXT order before 31 October 2017. I'll give it a miss thanks and stick to Debenhams' up to 25% off sale plus...
  14. I Love Chocolate

    Korres Guest

    The woman presenting Korres thinks effortlessly is pronounced "effortlortlessly"!! I've heard her say it twice now. :doh:
  15. I Love Chocolate

    Media Team

    I don't think the Media Team on FB actually watch QVC! There was a question about a pink blouse AY was wearing and they replied that they weren't sure QVC sold it. Someone posted that it wasn't difficult and she'd found it in 2 mins. Even I knew which blouse she meant (despite not seeing the...
  16. I Love Chocolate

    Random Radley Observations

    Why wouldn't the Radlet guest get her nails done before the show? Grown out gel is NOT attractive! Why is the blue called Summer Fig? Are they drunk when they name these colours? Why did Jackie have those awful extensions?
  17. I Love Chocolate


    Returned November's Laura Geller TSV on 17 January by normal second class post. Refunded (3 x easy pays) on 22 January. Have to say I'm impressed.
  18. I Love Chocolate

    Grace Fashion

    This is new to me. Different designs and reasonable prices. I shouldn't really watch as I'm waiting for a Bonprix parcel to arrive but, hey, hubby's out!! Lol
  19. I Love Chocolate

    Hilarious anecdote - not!!

    Jill said that one night she couldn't undo the clasps on her necklace and bracelet and had to sleep in them. Isn't that funny?! :mysmilie_510::mysmilie_15:
  20. I Love Chocolate

    The Toe Posts Are Back!

    I'm trying to be charitable. Maybe Julia's feet are giving her pain today. Otherwise, I can see no reason why she's wearing her toe posts today. They really don't go with a velvet top and leggings.

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