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  1. argeybargey

    Another Sit-up channels presenter coming our way :0(

    For those that didn't get an e-mail yet another of sit-ups people coming our way. What little I've seen he didn't seem to have any qualms about telling massive porkies. Oh dear. xxxxxxx
  2. argeybargey

    What a bunch of meanies!

    C'mon TJC, give Gemma one of your clearance T's. She clearly can't afford clothing as she only has one top and that's questionable. I'm currently in debate as to whether it's a dyed black child's strapless liberty bodice, or a strip of black bandage. Either way it's too small and one wonders...
  3. argeybargey

    Roxanne and Paraiba, JM PLEASE note

    How refreshing I thought, as Roxanne correctly pronounced Paraiba for what was to me the first time on JM. However, the voices have since told her that "we" pronounce it parra-eeeeeeeba. Oh no "we" don't, and you'd think the voices, even if they don't know they're mispronouncing the word...
  4. argeybargey

    Rip-off Britain!

    So, the American venture has finally taken off. Take a look at this, like stepping back in time. No wonder we've been paying such higher prices, and receiving such poor service. Looks like the environment can take a running jump as well, suddenly it's no longer important for this "family run"...
  5. argeybargey

    The Plot Thickens

    Erm! Subtle or what? Posted on the JM FB page where complaints are mounting and far outweigh anything good. I'm not a fan of the page to be honest but have been watching the saga unfold. Just a wee while ago I came across this post from a new poster called Sandra Bennett (?). "Hello fellow...
  6. argeybargey

    Just one flush

    and my once beloved JM is going to be completely down the pan, that is unless it's sorted out pretty soon. <a...
  7. argeybargey

    Tea bags

    Was just passing through last night to come across Mike Mason flogging tea bags (I jest ye not). Don't think Sainsbury's et al have anything to worry about though. xxxxxxxx
  8. argeybargey

    New Studio

    What a massive fuss about absolutely sweet fa. Wasn't it all supposed to be so exciting? Just looks exactly the same minus the trimmings, but with the same failing website and graphics, and no effort at all being made to jazz up the programme either. Total zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Strikes me they'd do...
  9. argeybargey

    Gem "Art"(?)

    Anyone watching this? I didn't like the ready done pieces as sold by a couple of channnels, but these are just like painting by numbers with coloured sand. Do adults really like doing this sort of thing, I can see that a young person might get something from it but then at £20 rather more than...
  10. argeybargey

    I would pay ..........

    This ex-Sit-up woman is being totally ridiculous. Nice little deal - 20 chip bead bracelets, each a different stone - for £9.99. £10 to you and me. She has just managed to work out that is 50p per bracelet "and if you sell them on at £10 each bracelet which I would pay blah blah". This...
  11. argeybargey

    One item only in baskets - coming your way

    This is in fact a post I put on the Jewellery Maker board, but we are told it will be happening to Gems also so, as the company hasn't seen fit to warn us (other than about one minute from Fiona on the live broadcast), I thought I'd let you know in case they treat you with such discern as well...
  12. argeybargey

    One item per basket

    I don't know if anyone will see this, as the board appears to be dead, but I'm posting on the off chance. If anyone doesn't know yet, we are now allowed only one item in our baskets at any one time so you have to check out as you go. As a multiple buyer this is too much hassle for me I'm...
  13. argeybargey

    Oh no! He lied to me.

    My heart is smashed, beaten and trodden on. My little Dirky, having torn himself away from my bosom and after I helped him to pack his little red spotted hankie on a stick, this morning he broke my heart yet again. He was suggesting that not only may he in fact be more than aged 27, but had...
  14. argeybargey

    What a shower!

    Having had a very lucky day on the falling auctions a little while back, I have been awaiting its dispatch since 6th Feb. On tracking, it showed "payment taken" for several days and now it shows "cancelled". They have had the benefit of something like £70 of my money and cancelled my order...
  15. argeybargey

    I've had fun today

    I've had fun with the under £10 day today. They had a wide variety of Murano glass, other than necklaces, that weren't pretending to be anything other than glass and strictly fun pieces. So far I've nabbed six, which may be my lot as it's slowly descending into the 'orrible dyed agit...
  16. argeybargey

    Who runs Gems TV?

    Something I believe we've asked ourselves previously. Yesterday, whilst presenting an hour of the "Naturally Yours" range, Steve explained to us that the reason this range hasn't sold well is that the presenters won't present it, as it costs too much to make and there is too small a profit...
  17. argeybargey


    I don't know if this is old news, but Angelina told us this morning that she's up the duff. Well, she didn't word it quite like that, more like "................... my little boy, and another one on the way". Shouting aside, many congratulations to her.<a...
  18. argeybargey


    Hmm. I see that while the boss is away the boobs are out to play. Ali is an attractive young woman with a figure many (including myself) must envy. However, I've no interest in watching it battling to stay within the confines of a very low cut, strapless dress/top. Might I suggest that this...
  19. argeybargey

    Ethiopian Opals

    Oh dear, what a disappointment. Only the second piece, a trilogy at £129, and the two outer cabs are seriously different heights. It would have been an excellent purchase with a nice sturdy 3g of gold and I was nanoseconds from bagging it. <a...
  20. argeybargey

    Oh class!

    There I was watching VN and thinking "you're actually looking half decent today" when up come a pair of emerald earrings. Peering down into them with her bestest most seriousest face on exclaiming "these are gorgeous" (or something very similar), she proceeded to have a good old scratch of her...

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