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    Tarte TSV 15/10/16

    Here's a screen grab of the shades on the back of the models hand
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    BareMinerals launch a Liquid Foundation!

    BareMinerals are to launch a liquid foundation :thinking: It's coming to the UK in Sept, wonder if it will premier on Le Q? I have a few more details here, along with details of OPI's new Mustang range (wonder if they'll also do a mini Mini range too :mysmilie_19:)
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    USA Kitchenaid TSV today

    Have watched the video presentation of today's USA TSV KitchenAid Processor with variable slicing depths and (despite already owning both a KA mixer and processor) am having severe KA envy, especially over the variable slicing depth and the cute French Fry blade :)
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    Gatineau Beauty Passport

    Does anyone know if you can get the throat gel on you Beauty Passport once again. I've held off redeeming my BPs for over a year since they withdrew the throat gel but I would like to know if anone has redeemed recently?
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    Thank You Graham & Congrats to SCW on the new Heads-Up Section

    Woo Hoo - Ian now has his own Heads Up section on ST as well as CT - fantastic :clapping::clapping: Congratulations, SCW and well deserved. I know you spend a lot time squirrelling out all those TSVs, OTOs and premiers, and you always lay it out so clearly, so it is easy to follow, now you've...
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    Faux Wool????

    Right, we've had faux shearling, faux leather, faux diamonds, but now faux wool? QVC really is turning into that infamous French & Saunders sketch. It's either wool or not wool. Such a shame, as I've had several rather nice, quite reasonable real wool coats by Centigrade in the past, but...
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    Nina Leonard TSV

    Iain, do you have any insider info on the Nina Leonard TSV, MTIA :wave:
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    QVC Pink Day in Support of BCC Fri 16th

    Posted in their Facebook page Good morning everyone, just wanted to let you all know that tomorrow at QVC we'll be having a Pink Day to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. All of us here in the office will be donating and donning our brightest pinks (or donating a little extra to avoid it!) and...
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    Fancy a Sneak Peek of Tonic Studio's Pick of the Day

    Fancy a Sneak Peek of Tonic Studio's Pick of the Day on Ideal World/Create & Craft on 6/7th of August Although there are Christmas dies as well, I've created a really summery card for those that already have Festive Overload:giggle...
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    Fancy a Sneak Peek of tomorrow's Tonic Studio's Pick of the Day?

    Fancy a Sneak Peek of tomorrow's Tonic Studio's Pick of the Day And same card but slightly different post Will be posting a Christmas project tomorrow too.
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    Another Sneak Peek of Tonic Studios Shows

    Want to see a couple of sneak peeks of Tonic Studios new Christmas range of dies Christmas Cracker Die and Star Box Star Wreath Card :blush: it would also help if I wasn't being quite so dyslexic over the use of peak and peek :blush: I've corrected wherever I can. What a wally! Tune into...
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    Tonic Studios Christmas Dies Sneak Peak

    Want a sneak peak of what's coming up on Friday :wink: Visit my Blog post Tonic Studios Christmas Sneak Peak Don't forget to tune into Ideal World on Friday at midday and 7pm and Create and Craft on Saturday at 5pm to see Tonic Studios (a Shopping Telly Sponsor) demonstrate these dies and more!
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    Sneak Peak - Tonic Studios Four Day Deal

    Want a sneak peak of the fabulous new Verso Dies that Tonic are launching on Monday at 8am :wink:?
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    Tonic Studios Shows

    My Forum friends on here who are also members of our great sister site,, may know that a couple of months ago I was so lucky to be asked to join the Tonic Studios Design Team. So, I thought I'd just give a quick heads-up, the lovely Jodie and Tonic Studios are back on Create &...
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    Gatineau TSV 24/3/13

    I don't think that this has been posted yet, any ideas on what it might be? Haven't succumbed to one for yonks, so hoping it's a goody!

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