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    Now I have seen it all!!

    I suppose that I shouldn't really be surprised. And if I unexpectedly found myself out of work I would be looking for another role in sector that I had experience in.... However seen on camera today on Gemporia 'producer Cherry'. Yes that is the one and only Cherry Cavill of the legendary...
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    They are selling tea - for heavens sake!

    I have never bought from TJC but its one of the channels that I flick on to way to frequently - clearly I am easily distracted! I have gotten used to seeing all manner of non J items up for sale (you will understand that I refuse to use the word auction for any channel of this genre), BUT the...
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    Rocks and Co - no more!!

    Wow!! Suddenly the family of channels get consolidated. 'Now One Channel – More Unique Gemstones, More Special Shows We have combined our UK and European jewellery channels into one so we can offer you an even greater variety of our fine jewels and jewellery.' As much as some of the presenters...
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    In a quiet moment questions occur to me......

    I was just wondering does anyone remember when Gemporia/GemsTV actually presented a 'genuine falling price auction'? I have heard the concept trailed still but regularly seems like the price just falls to the pre-determined price. A exception is the few times that Steve is doing a shift, 'not...
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    Have you seen these remarkable heaters?

    A direct quote from the Ideal World website 10 Reasons To Choose Fischer Heat: Number 7 "Complete Heating Guarantee Fischer promise that if your heater (installed by them) does not heat your room to 21 degrees, within 12 months, they’ll replace it free of charge." :mysmilie_17: Yes - you...
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    Gems TV Feefo reviews

    Do you ever look at the Feefo reviews for Gems TV/Gemporia? It has an entertainment factor about it! I am sure that many customers are happy with their purchase. I am sure that many others are content, they perhaps didn't pay much and can't go to the bother to post a review nor to send it back...
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    And you thought that candles were a step too far!

    Whilst Rocks and Co are selling hoarded gems which we are advised means that the price paid makes the gemstone free with the costs being for the metals and the labour...... Gemporia is selling coasters, napkin rings (didn't actually know that we still used napkin rings in 2017), bottle openers...
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    Anybody want to be a TV Guest at Ideal World - apply below!

    TV Guest – Ideal World Are you passionate about DIY? A former makeup artist? Love the latest cleaning products? If you love talking and demonstrating how good products are LIVE on TV – get in touch, we’re currently looking for new guests on Ideal World TV! Please apply with your CV, what you...
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    Well did that cut remind us of anything?

    Browsing the channels this evening I was surprised to see the launch of the Stellis (?) cut amethyst in the Deal of the Day. Now I am sure that it was different enough to not be the same but it looks a lot like the Wobito snowflake that Gemporia have recently been selling. TJC were selling their...

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