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    Bid is back

    Bid is back - not next year, not even next month but later this month. Friday 27th November the website goes live. Seems rather late in the year to be launching missing a big chunk of the Christmas trade. And for those who haven't seen the other threads they will be doing FREE P&P on all orders
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    One year on

    So can you believe at ome it will be a year tomorrow since we last heard... Sally J - WE HAVE BEEN HERE 13 YEARS SO WE MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGGGHHHTTT Peter S- it's gone strite through me at ome - I've had a day of it Andy H- Susan Wrexham so we won't be sending her any I do miss all the...
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    What was the last thing you saw on shop at Bid and Price drop?

    Shop at bid For me I was flicking over during the breaks of not only the soaps but also the latest of the secret eaters on Wednesday nighhhhhhhhttttttttttt, Our Sally was on selling "the last chance" to get the newer of the Vax. It was all about the suction and this Vax was pulling the dirt and...
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    What's Going On?

    Now its letting me post pictures again lets take a look back at the last 13 years or you can have it with the logo which is the best I could find
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    What's Going On?

    I've also been working on a price drop / bid simulator over the last few years so maybe soon you too can pretend to be not only Peter Simon, not only Lisa Brash, not only Mike Mason, not only Sally Jax with the latest of the clothing ranges, not only could you be selling the larger of the...
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    Can someone buy shop at bid a calculator?

    Now I don't know about you at ome but my maths isn't great but.... bid normal price £99.99 Today's price £69.99 You save £100 eh? Just to make it even more clear the website normal price is £98.00 40 minutes...
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    All new Price Drop

    So here we go... - Free phone number :P 0800 001 4250 - Falling prices remain, same graphics as before, same colours, studio is the same Market price - "we feel is a good price for you here" Products may have a reserve price - if they drop below that then you may miss out, the presenters...
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    All new price drop

    So here we go... - Free phone number :P 0800 001 4250 - Falling prices remain, same graphics as before, same colours, studio is the same Market price - "we feel is a good price for you here" Products may have a reserve price - if they drop below that then you may miss out, the presenters...
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    Bid Vimeo channel

    I saw this posted on another forum and thought some of you might like to have a browse of the videos included are some interesting graphics that were never used Interesting to see that they were considering item numbers around a year ago
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    Merry christmas bidsters and pricedroppers

    Happy Christmas everyone...I hope Seb and the boys have invited Peter round for a deep fill........ed mince pie and a nice warm meal, he would be on his own this year having to reopen gifts sent to him at bid by viewers if they haven't, Just in case you have become computer literate Pete or not...
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    Random musings/no argument zone

    They seem to have the wrong product in the website pic for the 1p earring and pendant set Set of 2 crystal star earrings and heart pendant. These are perfect gifts to put in the Christmas stocking! 1. Key features Silver tone Approx. 65 x round cut white crystals Bolt ring clasp Butterfly &...
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    Deal of the Day Leaf blower, sucker and shredder

    Today's amazing deal is a leaf blower, They had scrolling on the screen we found this at ideal word for £39.99 +£5.99 p&p Peter Simon, Now you won't believe the price we're doing it for so I'm sat thinking £9.99, £14.99, £19.99? No £29.99 + £9.99 p&p so your saving a massive £5.99 if you don't...
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    As I posted last week I managed to get a few over the whole week from bid and the price-drop monster clearance and got a few this week as well but this morning I've looked at my account to see they have cancelled everything bar the 2 items they had already sent out, Now I could sort of...
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    Delivery times

    I've bought a few items from them over the last couple of weeks and I've been surprised at how long it takes them to get the items here I ordered something the Sunday before last and didn't even get an email to say thanks for your order until the Thursday followed by a despatched email on the...
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    Monster clearance on price drop

    From last night until the end of sunday they have monster clearance on price drop Trick deal = megadrop Treat deal = megadeal The smartest beyers get on the line early according to the scrolling strap
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    Technical problems

    Tonight both channels are down with technical problems with the computer system but on the plus side we got 2 Peter Simon introductions at 9:30 and then again at 10pm A few years back I remember these problems being a regular thing but in the last couple of years I can't think of an issue like...
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    Bid's 13th birthday celebrations

    begin tonight with a 13p deal of the day The final finishing touch to your tree. This fun star shaped tree topper will bring a vibrant and festive...
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    iPhone 5 technology pick of the week

    I kept flicking over to bid in the evening and they didn't mention it once, Started watching at 8:30-10pm and other than the advert for it which I saw once they didn't mention it at all which was surprising as I checked the site and they still had the vast majority of the 200 left, I would have...
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    Megadrops are back again on bid

    Earlier tonight I noticed the £1 signs behind James whilst he was selling some jewellery and sure enough the megadrops are back again for the whole weekend and its decent things again but according to Peter they are not available online but they have splashed out on some balloons I think some...
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    Bid Plus is no more

    Interesting decision as I've seen people on here saying they could see at least some of the output on bid or price drop start using this format in the future to cut costs

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