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  1. Julie

    Molton Brown TSV 21/07/20

    My first recollection of MB was buying a set of Molton Browners from the salon which were sort of a commercial version of rag rollers and in all the magazines at the time. I was probably still at school and thought I was super trendy at the time although I can't remember actually using them...
  2. Julie

    Jill is winding me up now.......😡😡

    For me there is one thing forum members looking up details on an ad hoc basis and another following a publicly provided link. I often look things up, seeing their selly telly earnings was great fun but I wouldn't put them on here, think a few members might have an attack of the vapours ! Just...
  3. Julie

    Craft Telly peeps

    Working fine for me, you could be following an old link to the forum. Sure someone will be along soon to help.
  4. Julie

    Craft Telly peeps

    I can't see anything now over on the forum. My iPad can be a bit flakey, can any of you read threads ?
  5. Julie

    Did I just imagine that ?

    Sure I just heard Jill Franks describe the size of a Pearl Necklace in Millilitres. :mysmilie_11:
  6. Julie

    Great Chuntley blooper !!!

    6pm Tacori Diamonique hour "Don't forget the pieces come in a lovely Tiffany box" :clapping:
  7. Julie

    Just had a surprise delivery

    DPD man called with a package, very out of the blue because I haven't checked my basket out. In it were two beautiful pairs of earrings I assume I must have had two comp wins in one day and before the rule you had to say Hi in the chatbox. I was logged in but it was the day with lots of techie...
  8. Julie

    Just been a Hedgehog fest on Rocks

    Auctioned 7 on the trot Barry says he will probably do it again later, may be of interest for anyone wanting to complete their set.
  9. Julie

    Woll Cookware

    I have never seen anything on Ideal World that I've wanted to order, but must admit I am a bit tempted by these pans. :o Does anyone have one ?

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