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  1. Twilight

    MarlaWynne TSV 18/02/20

    Welcome. The four you've mention just go on & on & on. The two Abbbies, or any other variation of their names, are the worst as far as I'm concerned. A Cleeve is sanctimonious, smug & has openly lied to sell Ultrasun. The other one doesn't understand the difference between celcius & fahrenheit...
  2. Twilight

    Tangerine time again

    I have an olive skin that colours quite quickly, in fact I have tan lines all year round & after a fortnight in the sun I'd be quite dark. When I was younger I used minimal sun protection, I'm now more sensible but do love having a tan.
  3. Twilight

    Tangerine time again

    Ali Keenan has been on holiday in Mexico. I had a look at her on the Absolutely Famous hour & her tan was the same on face, neck & decolletage, however, she was wearing a very pale lippy & I thought it was too great a contrast.
  4. Twilight

    AM I .......

    I loved this comment: 'You can find interesting tips and hints that you might not have thought about or received from the shops'. Yes, nobody has ever told me all the places I could wear a dress to when I've bought one in a shop because they could see I had a brain.
  5. Twilight

    Ultrasun TSV 23/03/20

    Old bossy breeches with her steepled hands & "I want you..."
  6. Twilight

    AM I .......

    I looked up their demographics & found this so being edgy & talking twaddle - perfect example 'the festival vibe', yes CHuntley that was you last year, misses the mark by a mile. The customer comments are comedy gold...
  7. Twilight

    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    The Q's fb page is always good for a laugh, someone posted this: I would like to visit somewhere different to shop!." She was asked if she was on the right page & replied: Truthfully I don’t know, could you tell me? :rolleyes:
  8. Twilight

    Call me a cynic!

    Especially when A P throws your products at you.
  9. Twilight

    AM I .......

    I blame the likes of Gigi Hadid for doing this last year & giving the Q the idea that it's edgy. It's not, it's just plain ugly & when it's the boots/maxi combo it makes the wearer look like someone from a Catherine Cookson novel.
  10. Twilight

    AM I .......

    I've just found the clip of Alison Young... It's been said on here that she's probably not interested in fashion, being happiest in the clothes she wears on her farm/in the stables & that could be the case, however, that combination was ridiculous.
  11. Twilight

    Beauty Loves with Pop Sonic TSV 24/2/20

    Despite the promise to myself not to add to the Q's profits I was tempted to get these, then I looked at the list of tat peddlers on today & snapped out of buying mode. Three screechy ones, followed by a simpering one, THEN Andi Peters & ending with Fibby, with others filling the gaps. I'm still...
  12. Twilight

    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    She was cooking & using the work surfaces for support/balance due to wearing one of those heavy support boots & seems to have over balanced. The bruising looked awful.
  13. Twilight

    Beautybio TSV 22/02/20

    A perpetually youthful face on an ageing body, a kind of real life 'Death Becomes Her'.
  14. Twilight

    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    Pat's back - 'Hello Q .Does the loss of the V and C from your logo mean you no longer offer value and convenience?😢😢😢😩😩🤔🤔🤔' Love it, love Pat.
  15. Twilight

    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    Talking of JR she's now broken her left arm, just above the wrist, so she's got that in a support & her left foot in a boot. She won't be back for some time.
  16. Twilight

    MarlaWynne TSV 18/02/20

    She's the Q's alternative energy source, a combination of flailing arms & hot air. As for those hula hoop earrings...
  17. Twilight

    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    You're right, Evie.
  18. Twilight

    Postage refund qvc

    The seven days return related to previous legislation so have a look at the info below from Which? Some people send an email informing them that a return's on the way, I don't because the returns slip is sufficient notice as far as the law's concerned & anyhow I'm not sure that emails ever get...
  19. Twilight

    Qvc presenters inappropriate dress

    She said it because she's 'in lurve' :love: As written by those who talk so much about their intimate moments it make you want to punch them.
  20. Twilight

    Beauty Loves TSV 21/02/20

    I'm so sorry, I didn't see your request but here goes: Make up from Axiology, Odylique, PHB ( nice eye make up, awful lippies) & Zao - I love their bamboo packaging & refills, however, they do use palm oil but it is RSPO certified. I have also found an M&S foundation, Autograph Fluid Touch...

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