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  1. Lady Darls

    LOL Peter Simon

    Just seen this on AOL news, funny :)
  2. Lady Darls

    Lemon Quartz studs

    Anyone seen any? I have the tookalon bracelet and necklace and wore it out over xmas, I was absolutely stumped as to suitable earrings to wear with them so wore none. I don't want anything huge or with a drop, gonna go and have a look at the site now but last time I looked they were all huge...
  3. Lady Darls

    How about THIS for perfect matching

    I got a present from my lovely OH today, a pair of earrings, (not from Rocks) have a look, aren't they lovely. He knows moonstone is one of my most favourite stones and has gone to the bother of finding these, bless him BUT, how well do they go with THIS? They could have been made for each...
  4. Lady Darls

    New Delivery

    I got a delivery this morning, very early for a change :eek: Have just opened it now, am pleased with them. I got this, need advice on this, as ive said loads of times I don't wear large stone rings but I got the Tookalon Necklace and Bracelet and then thought I didn't have one solitary ring...
  5. Lady Darls

    While out this morning

    I had to pass through the part of Durham where the 'boutique' style jewellers are (just a couple) and noticed these as I passed, had to take aphone pic for you all lol This one is from a shop called Le Beado and I believe Anne has this or similar from Rocks. No price sadly and its a bead shop...
  6. Lady Darls

    Omg omg omg

    I LOVE Rocks. I have had the best delivery yet (apart from my diamond studs lol) Dunno where to start as there are several pieces that would have to be surgically removed for anyone to get them back off me. Will start with those ones. This ring, designed by Sarah, is FLEXIBLE. That finger its...
  7. Lady Darls

    New Delivery *swoon*

    I got my delivery bright and early this morning, albeit yesterdays supposed delivery :28: so I have now stopped twitching from lack of bling and can honestly say am a happy bunny. Have a couple of returns, not because there is anything wrong with them, but because they are xmas pressies and I...
  8. Lady Darls

    But, I don't like brown......or do I?

    Well no I don't but was prepared to overlook the fact this has smoky quartz in it, but have to grudgingly admit the SQ looks fab in it as well :D Got a delivery, am undecided on a couple, and one is definitely going back so here goes: From the minute Sammi posted a picture of this I knew I...
  9. Lady Darls

    Where are the chains now?

    Have just checked a basket out and need to add a chain but I cannot find them anywhere, can anyone point me in the right direction?
  10. Lady Darls

    small delivery - nice

    Got 2 items delivered this morning, am debating on one at the moment so until I decide I cannot take a pic but I got this little ring for about £6, its really pretty. White topaz and silver
  11. Lady Darls

    Better late than

    Well yesterdays astray parcel just arrived. The driver said he was supposed to deliver it yesterday but was running so late that at 6pm he gave up lol You were right, it WAS worth waiting for, its absolutely gorgeous. I think it'll be best worn with something quite low as the last pearl sort...
  12. Lady Darls

    Wheres me delivery?

    :D I am due a delivery today but it hasn't come, do any of you know what time DPD deliver until? they normally deliver to me before lunch but i've been in all day and nothing, am out for the most of next 2 days so am hoping it will come today :54:
  13. Lady Darls

    Garnet Bracelet

    Had a delivery this morning, just one item but am very pleased. Cost £21, has 34 grams of silver and 105 carats of Garnet. The colours lovely, a sort of light blackberry colour, like Ribena :D Only bugbear is its dead hard to fasten myself lol I need one of those bracelet fastening thingys that...
  14. Lady Darls

    Todays delivery

    Totally forgot I was expecting anything so when these arrived it was a nice surprise lol Just a little order: first THIS: my third attempt at finding something for this pendant to go on. I got a leather cord, it was nice but nothing special, then a ribbon which was toothick for it really and...
  15. Lady Darls

    my iolite money clip IS now an iolite money clip

    :D Stone arrived this morning, what a lovely colour it is. I also received these as way of an apology, have never worn such long earrings before but they are really lovely. Thank you Katherine, it was very kind of you and a lovely surprise. (scuse wet hair lol)
  16. Lady Darls

    When is an iolite money clip not an iolite money clip?

    When its got no bliddy iolite in it hahahahahahahaha Have just received a delivery so will start with the clip. Bought it to put in my dads xmas cracker at xmas dinner, only a tenner and they are lovely. I saw immediately there was no stone in it, none in the bag either but looking closely at...
  17. Lady Darls

    Had another delivery

    and its a lovely one. Got this: and was delighted when I opened the box, the colours flash from peacock blue to all the greens on the spectrum and the occasional pink flash. I got the leather cord but am also going to get a velvet one and the ribbon for it. The green stone is peridot, my...
  18. Lady Darls

    Honest truth.......?

    I've had a little delivery today and while I absolutely LOVE this ring, it just does not suit me, its too chunky. I think it needs someone with nice long elegant hands. Its fantastic and the stone is superb and all for £9 :eek: I am gutted cos I so wanted to keep this but it really doesn't suit...
  19. Lady Darls

    Big well done to Rocks CS team

    Have to give credit where credit is due, just 2 days ago (Tuesday) I received my Kama Necklace which had a charm missing and a Kama bracelet bought for a xmas pressie, with the wrong name on the certificate card (mine instead of the recipient), anyway I told Katherine about it and sure enough...
  20. Lady Darls

    Heres my delivery

    OO got some lovely things today First I got this: its a xmas pressie, sadly the card had the wrong name on but i'm sure they'll sort that out for me, paid about £22 for this, a lovely xmas pressie I think. Then I got this to match MY bracelet, had thought I might nick the charms off it for...

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