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  1. ratbag

    Laura Geller OTO Laura Geller Eye Opener 4 Piece Kit. One Time Only Price£26.16QVC Price£31.75 Four-piece Eye Opener kit from Laura Geller. Features an assortment of eye make-up essentials including eye...
  2. ratbag

    B&w tsv

    The B&W TSV bag is up on the website if anyone like to have a look and buy now. :hi :
  3. ratbag

    Elemis OTO

    Elemis 5 Piece Skin Brightening Collection One Time Only Price£57.12 QVC Price£69.00Item Number222325 Availability In stock UK P&P£5.45
  4. ratbag

    New Elemis Kits

    I have tried to find out the item numbers of two Elemis kits that were advertised in the booklet in the last TSV, but to no availe. They are called The Jet set and Summer Sensations. If anyone finds the numbers, thanking in advance.:happy:
  5. ratbag

    Liz Earle OTO'S

    Liz Earle 5 Piece Botanical Skin Savers with Bag One Time Only Price£34.60 QVC Price£41.75Item Number229958 Availability In stock UK P&P£4.95Overall Rating no ratings Be the first to write a review. Email this to a friend Product Q&A Be the first to ask a question. Important Message: Please...
  6. ratbag

    Decleor Changed?

    Can anyone from S.T. tell me if Decleor have changed their formula of their cleansing milk or toner? I bought the last TSV with the bumper cleanser and toner but have had a really bad reaction to it, all over face,neck and decolette, the itching and little blister are killing me, good job I...
  7. ratbag

    Elemis Last Clicks

    Elemis Pro-Collagen Radiantly Smooth Cream Last Clicks Price£60.00 QVC Price£83.25Item Number225253 Availability In stock UK P&P£5.45Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5 Rating Snapshot (15 reviews) 5 stars 74 stars 43 stars 02 stars 01 star 415 customers have reviewed this product. 11 of...
  8. ratbag

    Ojon Tawaka Satin Body Mist Last Clicks

    Ojon Tawaka Satin Body Mist Previous ItemNext ItemOjon Tawaka Satin Body Mist Last Clicks Price£23.00 QVC Price£32.00Item Number227188 Availability In stock UK P&P£3.45Overall Rating 3.9 out of 5 Rating Snapshot (15 reviews) 5 stars 84 stars 33 stars 12 stars 11 star 215 customers have...
  9. ratbag

    Deck Chair ??????

    I'm going for two, what you ladies?
  10. ratbag

    B&W Book

    40: The Anniversary Book Wow! What a fantastic day on QVC yesterday! Thank you for making our TSV an amazing sell out! As promised, we are giving you an exclusive pre sale for our new book, 40. 40 is a visual feast featuring over 200 full page photographs, which follows on from Rough...
  11. ratbag

    Ybf oto
  12. ratbag

    Maxx NY I love this bag, I would like the lilac saw this one advertised in the new year when they were saying which new people were coming to QVCUK.:1:
  13. ratbag

    Philosophy OTO
  14. ratbag

    Carole Hochman OTO
  15. ratbag

    Bargain Price Solar Lights

    Set of 8 Wireless Solar Garden Lights with White LED's & Ground Stakes Special Price£20.82 QVC Price£33.00Item Number554266 Availability In stock UK P&P£4.95 Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 Rating Snapshot (2 reviews) 5 stars 1 4 stars 1 3 stars 0 2 stars 0 1 star 0 2 customers have...
  16. ratbag

    New Year New You Event.

    Hi, Has any one else been invited to this event? I have just got my invitation for Thursday 15th January 2009.:18::18::18:
  17. ratbag

    Diamonique OTO

    Epiphany Platinum Clad Diamonique Solitaire Ring Sterling Silver One Time Only Price£16.91 QVC Price£21.00Item Number691039 Availability In stock UK P&P£2.95Overall Rating no ratings Be the first to write a review. Write a review Share this Product: Simple is sometimes the best way to...
  18. ratbag

    Well, what did you get on BCC Night?

    Well what did you get on BCC night? I managed to get Elemis, Liz Earle Pink Headphones and Gatineau, Earrings . Yeah I'm so chuffed.::53::1::1::
  19. ratbag

    Gold Day Prices!

    I have just been looking at some of the items for Gold Day I particually like this one. Yikes:eek::eek::eek: Credit crunch what credit crunch? Unless on easy payments I will not be having this to put away for Christmas:rolleyes...
  20. ratbag

    Julia Roberts 9 Piece Favourites Collection All of Julia Robert's favourite beauty products are included in this collection, from skincare to cosmetics. In the set: L'Occitane milk shea butter soap (100g), Ojon restorative hair treatment (50ml, Gale...

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