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  1. sausage

    Practical gifts for women

    Flamenco, I was kind only taking £100 wasn't I? I did feel for him a little as he thought it was brilliant it was red to match the kitchen! Offending article and banana cake made with the eggs ( it makes it very yellow!)
  2. sausage


    Has anyone seen Ellis recently? I don't watch Ideal that much but usually she is on when I do dip in but, not for a while. I'm just being nosey really!
  3. sausage

    Leighton Denny TSV 20thApril

    Have just seen this on qvc tv planner am now very excited and I need to know what's init!! I resisted the last one and regretted it as I had been given some nails inc but LD is far better I think I love opi but was skint when that was on too, am going to have a Leighton pot and save up this time...
  4. sausage

    Movie star?

    I was watching the jewellery making programme on c&c yesterday and Loen mentioned the oscars, and that how maybe next year or the year after she would be there if Andy's new film was a big hit, now is he in the film or is he making the film? I cannot for the life of me think what it was called...
  5. sausage

    this morning models

    More and more all we see are the same "older" models being wheeled out as the norm for a older lady, at present our "Tiff" and Beula are on This Morning representing the older lady, come on find us some different models that are more representative of normal ladies!
  6. sausage

    Who DO we like then??!

    Well, we are all vocal on who we DON'T like so how about who we DO? For me its Kathy Taylor and Debbie Greenwood they seem to be normal women (ok so prob have a 2nd home so, not that normal! ) who don't have massive ego's or irritating repetative phrases "amaaaazing" " literally"! So, how about...
  7. sausage

    Calling all Mr's!!

    Evening all was sat making Xmas cards so, not really concentrating on the telly and Mally had turned into smarmy Charlie with some 'orrible slinky tat and found myself thinking would i find this less stomach churning if it was male clothing? Why is there not much male clothing sold on QVC? I...
  8. sausage

    hey i know i'm immature but.....

    I'm probably alone in this but, i just could not watch Julia present the pilates machine whilst having a much too close "close up" of her squatting, i laughed and then balked!! Good on her for losing her weight and toning up but, seriously this was a bit too much! I know here are a few people on...
  9. sausage

    Awaken silver

    Hi anyone else love this range? I missed the 10am OTO and am really really miffed! Anyone have any insider info on the 10pm OTO?:bandit: SCW i'm looking at you!
  10. sausage

    Nigel, Nigel, nigel.....

    Hi Having just watched 3 hours of Nigel this morning i just have to much i lurve him!!!! He is as camp as a row of tents! i just watch him to hear his innuendo! I think he does a great job of presenting products that to him can't be all that interesting ( i know he says he's a crafter...
  11. sausage

    Uri Geller

    :mysmilie_459:Hi, i know i am probably not the only person who just doesn't "get" this line in over-priced jewellery, or am i?? Who actually wants to send a stamped addressed envelope to his home buisness(?) to recieve a signed photo with a "personal drawing" on it ??( perhaps he is like my...

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