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    Bondic Liquid Plastic

    Watching the repeat of Bondic Liquid's so embarrassing bad watching 'David' the guest and the presenter (who doesn't stop talking) demonstrating the product it's that funny I've not stopped laughing. :mysmilie_14: :mysmilie_13: :mysmilie_14: :mysmilie_13:
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    Archos 70 Internet Tablet

    Anybody who might be thinking of buying this tablet at £179 should check out their local Carphone Warehouse it only costs £149. No "free case" with it but, a case that will fit it can be bought from the Pound Shop.
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    Flip Video - The future Of Flip

    I read a couple of months ago that Cisco are pulling out of the 'camera' market and the Flip will be discontinued, Ideal World must be trying to clear stocks. The link is to the company web page.

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