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  1. JCR1982

    Bare minerals TSV

    I know that the latest bare minerals TSV was taken over by something else and I just wondered if we knew when there was one & even better if we knew what it is going to be. Thank you
  2. JCR1982

    Postage refund qvc

    Hello lovely people. Can I just check with you - I bought some items from Q and they arrived on Monday, didn’t like them so sent them backthe same day. I’ve had emails today to say refunds are on there way but it’s missing the p&p,. Am I right in thinking I am due these p&p back as I sent it...
  3. JCR1982

    Vitamix TSV

    Does anyone know the finer details of the TSV? Thanks in advance.
  4. JCR1982

    Josie Maran

    Does anyone know if we are due to get a TSV from Josie Maran? I'm sure I saw Ali young say we were going to get one awhile back but I have never seen it! Thank you
  5. JCR1982

    Emjoi Pedi

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so annoyed with QVC - Ordered the pink one item no 400470 which was described on the internet as: 1 micro pedi unit 1 blue cartridge 2X AA batteries 2 X magenta replacement rollers 2 x blue replacement rollers 1 cleaning brush Arrived today minus the replacement rollers so...
  6. JCR1982

    Another Alpha H question

    Hiya Wondering if you can help me with the Gentle Daily Exfoliant. The instructions say to use 2 dispenser amounts but how much is that? I think I'm being dim witted :sweat: I used some today - is it suppose to be like a really thick paste or quite watery? TIA - (By the way, can I just...
  7. JCR1982

    Thunder from Smashbox shows

    I spy with my little eye Thunder in the pic with Peter Andre - That's it lol!!
  8. JCR1982

    Product Videos

    Is anyone having problems watching the product videos? I haven't been able to watch them for months - I can hear what they are saying but the picture keeps going all funny so can't see it. I can watch it live on the computer and I can also watch the beauty channel so its just the product...
  9. JCR1982

    Mally 8pm Show

    My god AY looks, in my opinion, GORGEOUS! Really suprised lol!
  10. JCR1982

    Bobbi Brown

    So I've been looking at QVC.Com and they have so many good collections! Why can't we have a better collection of items? They hardly ever bring new collections and the cost is usually at the same price as in shops so you are paying more because of the p&p. I am really wanting to buy the colour...
  11. JCR1982

    Elemis & Use within 6 months

    Just wondered whether everyone listened to Keeley etc and used up all their elemis within the 6 months limit? Do you think or have you noticed the quality diminish after that time limit? I know I've just finished a Tri Enzyme wash which I opened just over a year ago and I didn't notice a diff...
  12. JCR1982

    Perricone MD

    I'm a member of Cocosa think it is like brand alley where they show you future sales etc and Perricone MD is going to be on sale soon!!! See below: - We're huge beauty junkies here at Cocosa, so we're more than a little excited about the arrival of a selection of fab anti-ageing products by...
  13. JCR1982

    Elemis July TSV

    Copied from Facebook - taken out other people's comments etc Keeley Aydin- Elemis on QVC cant believe she only has two weeksleft before littleone arrives and is still adicted to Tri Enzyme Gel Mask x21 May at 20:49 · Comment · LikeUnlike · Show feedback (7)Hide feedback (7)You No, definately a...
  14. JCR1982

    Elemis Shows in May - Just got an event invite from Facebook Group

    Elemis May Shows May offers from Elemis on QVC Host: Keeley Aydin- Elemis on QVC Type: Other - Retail Network: Global Start Time: 17 May 2009 at 19:00 End Time: 31 May 2009 at 22:00 Location: QVC DescriptionThis month tune into QVC on May 17th for QVC's Get Gorgeous Day. Elemis will be on...
  15. JCR1982

    Bobbi Brown

    Hiya wondering if anyone can help me was looking on QVC at Bobbi Brown page and noticed that it said the next programme was on 29th November at 12am - wouldn't that mean it would be a TSV? But on the TV programme it says Ojon and also when u look at Ojon page it says thats on at 12am as...

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