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  1. Vienna

    Museum collection black friday sale

    I`ve browsed the site but never bought from them but they appear to have some pretty bits and pieces in the black friday sale. Worth a browse.
  2. Vienna

    Gemondo 30% off everything

    Gemondo are doing 30% off everything until November 30Th. No code needed and discount automatically applied at checkout. Free delivery and returns.
  3. Vienna

    Bronnley fragrances 20% off

    Bronnley are doing 20% off all fragrances with the code SCENT. I love their English Fern and a bottle lasts me ages.
  4. Vienna

    Akamuti discount code 25%

    Akamuti have a discount code until the 7th Nov. It`s TREAT25. Delivery is £2.50. They sell handmade skincare, body care and essential oils and its all made in Pembrokeshire.
  5. Vienna

    Paperchase 20% discount

    Paperchase are giving 20% discount with code EXCLSAVE20
  6. Vienna

    Joules discount code 25%

    Joules are giving 25% discount off everything with the code PUMPKIN
  7. Vienna

    Lulu Guinness 20% discount code

    Not a brand I personally buy but I know a lot of people who like LG. If you use code ARMCANDY20 at checkout there`s 20% off all bags.
  8. Vienna

    Yorkshire wool and Donegal wool scarves and throws

    Yorkshire made scarves also Donegal wool scarves and throws. Good prices and made in Huddersfield or Ireland. Also a good website for anybody who sews or crafts.
  9. Vienna

    Cambridge Satchel Co voucher code

    Cambridge Satchel Co use code CART10 for 10% discount. Everything handmade here in the UK
  10. Vienna

    L`Occitane code

    From 30th Sept to 31st October use code WH15 on L`Occitane own website for 15% off full price products plus a free gift which looks like 2 mini handcreams in a cracker.
  11. Vienna

    Pure Luxuries

    Pure Luxuries are a brand which was sold by Debenhams and are currently giving an extra 10% discount with the code PAYDAY10. They sell sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver jewellery and leather bags, purses and accessories. Jewellery is already gift boxed but you can also buy branded...
  12. Vienna

    Handmade in UK

    I hate cardigans and fleeces so when the weather is cold I tend to use wraps. stoles, shawls or whatever you call them when sitting watching Tv. I have lots of them in various shapes, sizes and colours but recently found an Ebay seller who handmakes them on a 100 year old loom in Huddersfield...
  13. Vienna

    Roman Originals live show discount

    Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday the Roman Originals facebook page does a live show and the lead article is always half price with the code LIVE. You don`t need to be a facebook member, just go to the Roman website and click on LIVE at the top of the page, then on latest show on the days I`ve...
  14. Vienna

    Hometime crafts

    If anybody is contemplating buying early Christmas gifts or simply any gift for young children then I can recommend the website below. They`re a small company in Wales who make toys, personalised gifts, height charts, chairs, stools, book ends/nursery items and lots of other stuff and mainly...
  15. Vienna

    Great British Products

    If you`re looking to buy made in Britain items then the Great British Products website are currently having a sale. Worth a browse. Everything is made here in Britain.
  16. Vienna


    Not an item I`d want but I know some people like them. Home Bargains are selling the 210 wash ecoegg for £3.99. In store as well as online. My local store had them in stock but there`s only the fragrance free option which is neither here nor there because people say you can`t smell the fragrance...
  17. Vienna

    Akamuti discount

    Akamuti are doing 25% discount off everything until the 31st August with code SALE25. They sell handmade natural face and body products. Delivery is £2.50 second class or £3.49 first class per order.
  18. Vienna

    Jon Richard sale extra discount

    Jon Richard is a brand which used to sell in Debenhams. It sells costume jewellery plus sterling silver jewellery and pearls. There are also some fancy gifts too, such as mirrors, keyrings and brooches. If you buy anything from the sale and use the code EXTRA20 you get another 20% off sale...
  19. Vienna

    Wondered where this thread had got to ?

    I was looking for the reasons not to buy from QVC thread and it had disappeared and is now under QVC brands not on the telly. The thing is many of the posts aren`t brands from QVC and it was a place to post other companies selling items or to post deals or voucher codes. Places such as Aldi or...
  20. Vienna

    Bulk buy soaps

    My granddaughters are taking a real interest in the environment and have persuaded their Mum and me to try to avoid plastic as much as possible. I`ve been using soap and shampoo bars from a brand called Friendly Soap but they also have another site where you can bulk buy soap offcuts at a really...

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