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    How many last chances

    I wanted to set up a sweepstakes! How many further last chances are we going to get to buy Argyle diamonds or Csarite?
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    The Incitatus Collection

    I see that Dave Troth was back at mid day having another go a hawking his and Jakes baby, The Incitatus Collection . To be fair I don't know much about watches so it would be unfair me to question how/if a quartz powered watch will become a collectors item and increase in value in the years...
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    Wagner on QVC!

    Perhaps I am behind the curve, but it was news to me when I was passing QVC and heard the distinctive voice of Craig demonstrating Wagner on QVC. I think that I thought that the brand was a Fixture on IW but apparently not!
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    The Cavill Clan and CBD Oil

    So I genuinely have sympathy and compassion for anyone that has had medical traumas in their life or the life of their family. But that does not give them permission to be untruthful when selling their product. Yesterday lunchtime Cherry Cavill was 'guest' with Angeline Davies hawking CBD Oil...
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    Shadazzle returns!

    Looking ahead on the schedule I see that IW have their Two Tub Shadazzle back as Pick of the Day again! Aside from the fact that this product is over hyped and that Astonish paste which is its equal is currently available in your favourite brand of pound store it always occurs to me how any...

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