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  1. sunshine

    Monsoon TSV 18/3/21

    Omg JR not a good look in your palm tree dress !!!
  2. sunshine

    Margaret Dabbs at Marks and Spencer

    Margaret Dabbs doing foot care for M&S. They presently have a trial set half price at £4.75. Contains 50 ml. Foot soak. 30ml conditioning foot cream and 30 ml foot scrub. Handy for taking away or just to try it
  3. sunshine

    Philosophy Body Oil

    My daughter in law loves philosophy and every Xmas I save up the TVs to give to her. The body oil was in a recent purchase but after having a wee go off it this morning while making up the box,Sorry but this is mine lol. It is absolutely beautiful. So soft on the skin. Me thinks I will have to...
  4. sunshine

    Lidel Cavier Face cream

    For anyone not near an Aldi store Lidel have brought out a Caviar range as well. Not sure how much it is in uk but I paid 5.99 euros which is about £4 for the day cream. Had loads in the range. Serums eye cream. It's really nice. If anyone wanted to give it a try.
  5. sunshine

    Lulu Album

    Ok ladies how many are of us are going to be buying Lulu's album on Monday?
  6. sunshine

    Crystal Clear Sonic Wand

    Anyone else having problems closing the battery compartment on the wand. I can't get mine to close .so frustrating.
  7. sunshine

    The Real Pie Company

    Has anyone tried the pies and are they good.. Fancy some for freezer when family comes and wondered if they were worth it? They always look good on tv.
  8. sunshine

    Colour Wow

    Has anyone used this and is it any good. My future DIL keeps having to go get her roots done and her hair is getting damaged wondered if this was any good Reviews are mixed.
  9. sunshine

    Body blade

    Has anyone else bought the Bodyblade and are you seeing results?
  10. sunshine

    Who is that with Kathy?

    Wow ! Sorry never seen this presenter before.Is he a regular ? Certainly different. Can't stop laughing :mysmilie_13:
  11. sunshine

    M&S half price skin care sets

    M&S have 3 skin care sets reduced from £60 to £30 this is one of three choices The Formula Age Restore range has been specially formulated to care for delicate, mature skin. A blend of ingredients including omegas 3, 6 and 9 from evening primrose and blackcurrant seed oils helps to replenish...
  12. sunshine

    Qvc Promo Video October

    I really don't know what to make of this video Qvc has made for October. I know this is Breast Cancer Care month but to have Amica modelling coats in a promo for an upcoming show in the middle of October for me was really eerie an insensitive.
  13. sunshine

    Slim' Lift

    Are these pants that good. The difference in the before and after seems to good to be true.
  14. sunshine

    LOL Give Anne a Pill

    Anne is on form this afternoon with Sara McNamara skin care. I've never seen such an enthusiastic hour on Qvc. Mind you her skin looks lovely today.:talking:
  15. sunshine

    Mama Mio Bootcamp For Boobs

    Wonder who will be brave enough to demonstrate this new beauty item. priced $85 on website. :cheeky: Bootcamp for Boobs Skincare & Exercise only 4 minutes a day for 30 days to Love Your Boobs The support system for holding your boobs UP is your skin so if you worry about sag, crepe or...
  16. sunshine

    Ladies enjoy your night

    In Kuala Kumpur staying and wont get to watch on the net unless I go for a kip in the afternoon and try to stay up as it will be 1am here when it starts. Will try some of the numbers on the net and see if I can get anything to send for pressies. Hope you all have fun and get lots of goodies...

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