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    WULI:LUU by Gok Wan TSV 8/7/21

    I've just tuned in and I think a) why the accent over the e; b) if the women are wearing the right size the cut is appalling it pulls and looks right around the armpit and c) the way the printing lies across the bust it makes the bust look really lumpy, so do they need to go up a size?
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    Marlawynne TSV 25/06/21

    I am glad everybody feels those trousers looked awful on the poor models, anyone who had them on looked like they were wearing the wrong size!!!! I thought it was a real emporer's new clothes moment!
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    I had some cotton dungarees in 1983, never again. My bladder would long have given up the ghost and yes keeping g it off the floor in the loo nope.... Not a.chance
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    Peroxyl is a strong minty type flavour.
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    I can't eat chewy bread anymore it puts too much pressure on the teeth. I broke my plate eating a baguette and every time I've lost a tooth I've been eating bread, which is ridiculous. I had quite, dare I say it, dainty, even teeth, so my implants surprise people and me in how "real" they...
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    Sunday Times - Beauty Spot - Liz Earle

    oh my goodness, that's not far from where I grew up... It's a beautiful part of the world.
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    What’s happened to Jill?

    Although she is someone I tend to turn over from quickly, I am sorry to hear this as I would wish ill health on no one.
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    I didn't succumb to implants, I had to have them because I had inherited lousy guns and used steroids inhalers without knowing how they affect the gums. (I was sadly able to afford them due to an inheritance.) I couldn't get on with the plate I had to use pending my jaw and gum recovering from...
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    Comebacks - what ranges would anyone welcome back?

    I too loved simple green, but recently I've been using a range called Dew. It does not set off my allergies either but it took my cooker top from health hazard to sparkling in minutes.
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    Ruth Langsford TSV 05/06/21

    Is it me or does Natasha look like she's been poured into a sausage skin in every item? Not a good advert for the curvier end of the size range... I agree Debbie looks good though!
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    Comebacks - what ranges would anyone welcome back?

    Do you remember nail eat and nail drink with, was it, Carolyn? There was a clothing range that was highly embellished, fairly expensive, not dreamkeeper. sort of patchwork-y something I could see on Stevie Nicks?
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    Do people really like John Scott

    I think he could play Frankie Howard in a biopic.
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    Dew sanitising/cleaning products

    I use their stuff, I can't use a lot of cleaning products due to asthma and their impact on the cat who owns me! They work really well.
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    WynneLayers TSV 13/06/20

    To wear that as a dress for me would make me look like a dumpling with fat little cankly legs poking out underneath. I think Marla is great fun, her shows almost filled the gap left by Joan Rivers. However, she cuts for her shape I am not an apple, I am not 5'8" (I'm under, just, 5'4") and I...
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    People who bought/like the Dew sanitising water

    Dew popped up somewhere, I spotted it and I checked it out and I use it every day!
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    Julian v Nikki

    I dislike Lola rose (and bibi bijou, but that's another thread). I never watch q when it is on.
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    Random musings and general banter.

    Had just taken my recycling out came back and started channel surfing and thought I saw her, but wasn't sure until they mentioned her name, and then I came on here to see if anyone else had seen her!
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    Going back to funerals, I decided years ago that I wanted to "be a tree"! So, I don't care, once I'm gone how that is achieved... I too have no close family I have a brother who has a wife and cat and two sons who both have children, but I couldn't tell you the last time I saw them. I don't...
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    Boots Seasonal Items Offer, up to 25% off

    Starts tomorrow I believe, annoyingly, I was going to buy something tonight as the signage was up, with no start date of course. They stock loads of Q brands plus their own.
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    Clarks Sale Online, Extra 10% Code

    I went into our local Clarks on the DH, saw a bag I really liked, but wanted a different colour, it was black, boring, went on their website and it was in a taupe/cream and bonus it was cheaper and THEN there was a bonus code for an extra 10% MORE10 I think, so I've only got to wait until...

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