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  1. sillysausage

    Kipling clearance sale

    I have noticed that there are several discounted Kipling bags on the QVC web site, including the Defea and Fairfax in Quella print and the Faitfax in the other new print (is it called blue twist? I can't remember, sorry). You can see them all if you type 'Kipling clearance' in the search box. I...
  2. sillysausage

    New customer ratings terms...

    Has anybody noticed the new customer ratings and terms of use that we must agree to in order to be able to post a review??? I find some of the content quite disturbing; I ended up not submitting my reivew and don't intend to ever post any again. I have highlighted the passages that I think are a...
  3. sillysausage

    Kipling Ebb Vintage LAST CLICKS

    Kipling Ebb Vintage Foldover Top Convertible Shoulder Bag on last clicks...
  4. sillysausage

    No! No! How are people getting on?

    I was wondering what the people who bought the No! No! hair removal tool thought after a few weeks of use. Is it any good? Does it actually do what the presentation claim? TIA:flower:
  5. sillysausage

    Kipling Gaelle Rock Heaven Medium Handbag LAST CLICKS

    Kipling Gaelle Rock Heaven Medium Handbag
  6. sillysausage

    Another Honora TSV on the 3rd of December

    They're coming thick and fast these TSVs, aren't they? And there's another Elemis one that same week... :thinking2:
  7. sillysausage

    Question about PK Elasticizer

    I've had a PK brush on waitlist for ages and I finally got it today. It comes with three sachets of Elasticizer, which I am looking forward to trying before the TSV, as I know this product has cult status among many FMs and also has reve reviews on the web site. With a PK TSV coming up, the...
  8. sillysausage

    L'Occitane solid perfumes

    Yesterday evening I was looking at the L'Occitaine solid perfume collection, item n. 228936 and was very intrigued. I think this is a new item, and I presumed that it would be shown today. However, I can't find it among the products shown in the last 24 hours and yet it seems to be already sold...
  9. sillysausage

    Problem with SBC bottle

    I have got through most of my SBC collagen gel bottle from the last TSV, but there is still a good inch in the bottle, but it won't come out. The pump seems no longer to work. I have unscrewed the pump, moved it around a little in the gel and it did work for a while, but no more. It looks like...
  10. sillysausage

    Grip to me hangers - Do they work?

    My wardrobe is a complete mess, so I was intrigued by the presentation of the 'Grip to me hangers'. They just sound too good to be true though (always a worrying thing) and the reviews on the QVC web site are mixed. I could of course just get them, try them and send them back if I don't like...
  11. sillysausage

    How do I put something on cheque hold?

    I have seen an item of jewellery on last clicks that I like but I am in two minds about whether to buy it or not (I really have spent too much lately), so I would like to have a think about it. So, I was wondering, how does the 'cheque hold' work? Can I do it online and still go through Quidco...
  12. sillysausage

    L'Occitane OTO

    I was just browsing the QVC web site and came across this L'Occitane Verbena set at OTO price: L'Occitane Set of 2 Verbena Foaming Bath & Body Lotion
  13. sillysausage

    Philosophy Deluxe Cocktail [email protected] Birthday Price

    Philosophy Deluxe Cocktail Party, £8 off, if anybody is interested...
  14. sillysausage

    Honora earrings last clicks price

    Hi, I found these lovely Honora earrings at half the original price. I got a pair for myself and one for my sister as a Xmas pressie. Here's the link if any of you fancy these:
  15. sillysausage

    English grammar murdered on QVC web site

    I was checking out one of the new Elemis kits that Sazza kindly posted about in the new beauty items thread, and this is what the product description of item 227939 says: "You'll receive Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask (50ml) which, when applied, you'll feel a powerful tingling sensation"...
  16. sillysausage

    How long does it normally take for rocks to refund a returned item?

    Hi guys, I have made my first return to rocks... I sent it by recorded delivery, so I know it got back to the coloured rocks's returns department on the 16th, but I have not heard anything at all from rocks yet: not an acknowledgment that my return had got there, nor the refund. I think it...
  17. sillysausage

    I've just joined!!!

    Hello everybody! Having been drooling over your photos for a while, I have finally taken the plunge and registered on the website. It has taken me a while to try and understand how it works, but I'm here now, and I have spotted a couple of pearly items that I really like, so might have...
  18. sillysausage

    Gatineau 6 Piece Focus Plus Collection- While Stocks Last Price + easy pay!
  19. sillysausage

    Clientele Elastology Invisipore Multi Emulsion

    I'm tempted by this product, which is presently on clearance (link here). Has anybody tried it? Would you recommend it? Thanks!

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