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  1. jacqualina

    Vionic Footwear TSV 08/09/20

    Does anyone know if there are any Vionic OTO's today please?
  2. jacqualina

    Yankee Candles Medium Jars at Amazon

    Amazon have included various Yankee Candle medium jars throughout the day in their Lightning Deals .
  3. jacqualina

    Ojon Animated Styling Cream Replacement

    I have shortish, baby fine hair with no body and really loved the old Ojon Animated Styling Cream that you could use on dry hair after blowdrying to get body and definition. The new revamped product that has been available since Ojon left QVC is just not the same and even states it should be...
  4. jacqualina

    Intermediate Company?

    I seem to remember a while ago reading on here about a US company that you can order through and who will buy something for you from a company in the US that will only accept US registered credit cards ( i.e. and then will forward it to you for a fee. Can anyone recommend one? I shall...
  5. jacqualina

    Gtech tsv

    Any clues yet what tomorrow's GTech tsv will be?
  6. jacqualina

    Rosemary Merry

    How lovely to have Rosemary Merry back on our screens, now on the Craft Channel. She is so relaxing to watch and I could never understand why C&C didn't snap her up when Q craft folded.
  7. jacqualina

    Laura Geller Blush N Brighten at Beautybay

    Beautybay have Laura Geller's Blush n Brighten for £15.50 with free postage. I ordered one last Sunday and it was delivered at 9.45 am on Monday morning by Hermes. I think that's the fastest delivery I've every had on anything ordered on a Sunday, apart from Amazon Prime. Some of the shades...
  8. jacqualina

    Has Clarisonic Disappeared from QVC?

    My Clarisonic has started cutting out after only a few seconds, even when fully charged. Went onto the website and they have one brush in Last Clicks, so have Q lost yet another brand?
  9. jacqualina

    Can't Watch The Live Auctions - Anyone Else Having This Problem?

    I can't watch the live auctions on Gems, Rocks and the Lounge anymore on my MacBook or iPad. The sites changed a couple of days ago to a black background and now no live viewing box shows up anymore. The only one I can still watch is Gem Collector and this still has the white background and is...
  10. jacqualina

    GTech TSV Saturday 30/11/13

    Does anyone know whether this is a repeat TSV, or could it be the launch of the new handheld GTech vacuum cleaner, which was due out in November? Any clues Ian?
  11. jacqualina

    Past Jewellery Lines on IW?

    I was trying to think of some of the better jewellery lines that IW used to do. There was an old fashioned looking line (Generations 1912), who used to sell beautiful alexandrite rings at really good prices. There was a really nice man with very reasonably priced pieces (was it .......Duneier...
  12. jacqualina

    Advice Please on Zultanite

    DH has kindly asked me to choose something for my birthday and I thought I might dip my toe into the Zultanite market, so I've been watching the Gems Special this morning and also watched a bit of Don on Rocks yesterday afternoon. I really don't know much about Zultanite (apart from the fact...
  13. jacqualina

    Is It My Imagination?

    Is it my imagination, or are the auctions on Gems/Rocks getting longer and longer so that they just stick at the, obviously, previously decided minimum price? I feel that the 'no clock' boast becomes somewhat irrelevant if this is the case. In the past on Rocks, they never waited for too long...
  14. jacqualina

    I'm in a Happy Mood So.......

    As I'm in a very happy mood at the moment, I thought I'd post a positive (though somewhat random) thread about Rocks/Gems. Firstly, I think I heard Adina say that she is pregnant and there is only one this time (she has twin daughters I believe), so many congratulations to her and the whole...
  15. jacqualina

    They're At It Again - A Plea to The Bennets

    I really wish Gems/Rocks would sort themselves out because to me they're coming across as very misleading again. Angeline has been running a promo this morning for a Star Buy of a Tookalon amethyst bracelet which has just been auctioned. And the Star Buy price?? Exactly the same price that...
  16. jacqualina

    What Exactly Is A Clearance Please?

    Last night I was flicking through the channels and saw Alan presenting a Silver Clearance. I have no idea about the prices on most of the items, but there were two rings that I bought only last week. The first was an opaque kunzite ring(very pretty) which was pulled as nobody came in for it...
  17. jacqualina

    Debbie Flint on Kipling OTO

    I'm afraid I just can't warm to DF, her hard sell, marketstall approach usually makes me turn over immediately, but I did just hear her come out with this on the Kipling OTO: "......£40.80 down from £49.00, so that makes it near enough £40 instead of near enough £50 and you're not adding any p&p...
  18. jacqualina

    Flippin Eck!

    Birthday surprises on Gemstv - and the latest one? Flippin eck, a virtually colourless silver tanzanite ring for £20. Maybe it's the lack of colour that is the birthday surprise. And what on earth is wrong with Adina's right ear? I've never seen anyone with quite such an ear problem before...
  19. jacqualina

    Lapis Lazuli Lovers - £9.95 Bracelet!

    For anyone who loves lapis, TJC are selling a lovely looking bracelet for under £10 today.
  20. jacqualina

    Welcome Back Emma!

    Welcome back Emma, really pleased to see you on our screens again, you were always one of my favourite presenters. Good move Steve!

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