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    Gold chains

    .68g of 9ct gold for £39.99!! Ellis sold an absolute shed load of them when you can get one for half that price! Unbelievable In fact, the one I saw was heavier at .76g for £20.26
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    Incitatus watches

    On now with Dave Troth. His and Jakes collaboration and somehow, horses are involved in the make up. Dave said it made sense to do a watch range as they have so many contacts around the world. He has just tried a blue watch on with the tag showing….’made in China’
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    Her last night on Gemporia tonight 😕 She will be on Jewellery Maker between 1 and 5pm thereafter, so much better hours for her but oh I will miss her. No more sausage or whoopage.
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    Making too many Not only setting stones into wrong metal right left and centre but candles now priced wrongly! The good thing is, they were going to honour the wrong, reduced, price. The funny thing is, if Ellis hadn’t mentioned it, I think they could have got away with it and nobody would...
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    Secret Hair Extensions

    Caught these on here last night, IW used to have them. I think they need to change the word 'secret' to 'obvious' :mysmilie_19: They looked ok on the blonde girl but then she had lots of natural hair anyway.
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    Girls Night In 7-9pm

    Are the girls here as excited as I am by this?? in, I'm not excited, at all :mysmilie_514:
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    Collectors Treat tonight

    TV and UK exclusive debut of René Mouris Timepieces Be there or be square but save some for me :mysmilie_59:
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    Just noticed this...... 'We understand there may be a time you wish to return an order – that’s why we’ve made it easy to return for a refund or exchange. We are proud to now be working with Asda and their amazing ‘toyou’ service, making it easier to return than ever before! What’s more, this...
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    New Presenter

    Never heard of her Presenter Fayon Cottrell Joins Peterborough Based Ideal World! Ideal World is delighted to announce the arrival of Fayon Cottrell as the newest member of its family. From Tuesday 12th July, Fayon joins the team at the Peterborough based studios where she’ll deliver live...
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    Happy Birthday Dave

    I thought we could all drop our best wishes and presents off for Dave's upcoming (or is it today?) birthday.......... I got you a little something.......... I just went for the 21 day preview (it's the thought...
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    She hasn't been on for weeks :confused:
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    Moissanite garbage

    One solitaire of a love, the only tender kiss of a life, one soul, one heart, one beat, the story of your Prince......comes a fire, comes a rainbow of colourless flawless beauty......this is star of a song, one chord of a piano, one memory, its 237532........oh look at thissss...
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    'Just buy'll have to do it NOW.....the phone lines and web are VERY've got to do it now' 'I'm sorry at ome but the stock is depleting and I have to ask you to pick up the phone, dial that number (points finger) or go on the web, all the www's ideal wor........go...
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    It's £20 day!

    Anybody bought anything? :mysmilie_14:
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    Steve Macdonald

    Ex Bid........ not Corrie! He has to be on his way to IW soon surely, one of the funniest presenters in the land. Please let it be soon :mysmilie_14: Nobody does a warehouse clearance like him, no one! Isn't it about time Denn retired, that would make way for him :mysmilie_59:
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    So exciting.......

    Guess who'll be here next Monday with a new Fabulift show? :mysmilie_13: :sleepy::sleepy:
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    Midday show was the Thomas Sanderson 'look after your conservatory' hour. Well how boring I thought and I haven't got a conservatory, so why the hell did I watch it........I don't chuffin know :mysmilie_19: Anyway I watched about ten minutes of a couple of blokes cleaning and about three times...
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    Who tuned in last night at 10pm and was disappointed to not see the Pope there but Paul Becque? :mysmilie_10: And the 'expert guest', isn't he the same chap that's been demoing the vacuum cleaner last week??
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    Competition Knowing my luck, I'd probably win, so I won't be entering :giggle:

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