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  1. J

    Why do they repeat the same comments..

    From the sheep scrolling on screen at the bottom? Some weeks old saying they bought loads today.
  2. J

    QVC Extra..

    Has started broadcasting on virgin media.
  3. J

    Ships w/c...

    Why is it now ships or shipped instead of dispatched? Who is delivering it, the Titanic?
  4. J

    Flexi pay?

    Why do they always say interest free when it comes to flexi pay? The iphone 6 refurbished, sorry, remade, is £50.02 on 4 flexis. That does not add up to £199.99.
  5. J

    The Star Trek hours...

    They used to show on a Sunday night for 2 hours. Remember me and my parents getting annoyed with Steve Whatley when he kept pressing buttons on the toys and collectables. All good fun though. Pity they don't do anything like it anymore. All fashion and beauty now.
  6. J

    Thank you qvc..

    Whereas other companies use codes for free delivery or x amount off, what do qvc gives us? 3 easy pays. Right on point.
  7. J

    Think you know qvc?

    Think again it says. Then they proceed to show everything for women. Talk about sexist.

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