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    MOlton Brown

    20%off starts tomorrow use code UKFF20 Just placed an order for Christmas Gifts and that's me done!!! Might do wrapping next week:
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    Powder beauty box

    There is a new box available for £35 which contains Dr Pericone plasma. This item is £52 on QVC so seems like a very good buy. It contains 12 products but some are travel sizes.
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    Gift Bags on Q

    Just received a set of gift bags which were on clearance for £6.75. They are great quality and even with the postage are are good deal. Wish I'd ordered two as I know I'll use them all. 16 bags in them pack by Lindy Bowman.
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    Leighton Denny

    There is a box offer on Groupon for £8.99 looks a like a good buy if you are into your nails. Maybe a past TSV I'm not sure however makes QVC look very expensive.
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    My No Buy Plan

    Well after posting about the new me and beauty, I have sorted out the lotions and potions. Enough for 6 months and thanks to your replies to my post I've made a list of new sites, brands to look at in the future. thanks everyone! I resisted the Liz Earle TSV yesterday although was very...
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    Good Result.

    Well think today has been strange, doing a clear out and found a bracelet that I bought from QVC last December. It's never been great at staying on so just put it back in the box and forgot all about it. Tried it today and thought wow I like that, it fell off my wrist and I thought oh yes...
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    QVC Beauty OMG!

    Well I was a huge fan of QVC beauty and I bought every TSV going spent thousands over the years and I've got quite good skin. This week I changed beauty consultants went to a new salon and got quite a schock!! When asked what I used on a daily basis and what makes I reeled off my routine...

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