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  1. Sammi

    Is anybody buying?

    Good morning, everyone. Returning gemaholic here! I had to give up buying jewellery due to a change in circumstances but recently started again. Is anybody buying much from Gemporia these days? I bought a chrome diopside solitaire in silver from them last week and it knocked the socks off the...
  2. Sammi

    Happy 1st Birthday Rocks TV

    Congratulations to Steve & Sarah and your wonderful team on making it through your first year, hopefully relatively unscathed! You and your colleagues have brought alot of pleasure to alot of people this year with your gorgeous jewellery, your fun shows, your fair attitudes to your customers...
  3. Sammi

    My birthday pressie

    I have some fab forum friends who clubbed together to get me some spends on Rocks TV. Thank you so so much you kind people. I treasure each and every one of you. I waited a couple of weeks and this is what I chose: champagne quartz bracelet I love it...
  4. Sammi

    Tookalon triumph

    been excited about this delivery. weighty and substantial and oh so sparkly! fits me purrfectly and feels just right and goes with my latest obsession for smokey and lemon quartz items. am going to get alot of wear from this one...
  5. Sammi

    I see Lynn is back!

    just seen that Lynn is back on our screens, looking nicely tanned and relaxed.
  6. Sammi

    Hail diopside full of grace...

    I'm going to get an earbashing from my friends but I had the devil in me yesterday. :54: Thought I'd dip my toe in the water and try out Rocks & Co to get a piece which caught my eye a week or two ago. Just as well I did cos it ain't on the website anymore! :54: Debut item: Russian diopside...
  7. Sammi

    Gorgeous garnets & stuff

    Hi girls and boys xx Well if Madwoman can do it then I'll show you my garnets too.... Marquise garnet leverbacks I opted for these in preference to the diamond shaped ones as they're half the size and more suited to my style. The blood red glow emanating from them is magical and deep...
  8. Sammi

    Tonight's launch

    Just wanted to wish Rocks & Co good luck for today's launch. All the best for some good shows. Best wishes to the familiar faces we'll be seeing again, as well as the presenters who are new to us shoppingtelly addicts :D Will be interesting to see how things go and what sort of jewellery will...
  9. Sammi

    the first of my deliveries

    hi gang! here's what arrived today, no.1 package of a series of 3. rose de france amethyst ring £15 - beautiful and sparkly. it's clear as a bell as you can see. however on reflection, not for me as am put off by seeing the metal setting thru the stone. while I'd love to keep the gemstone...
  10. Sammi

    Steve's blog

    I quickly visited the Rocks site today and caught sight of Steve's blog which I'd not seen before: in case you'd like a quick look. heartening to see they had 1,000 people visit the site over the weekend.
  11. Sammi

    Ruth tonight

    I just switched over to GTV1 and see that Ruth is presenting just now. Doesn't she look gorgeous this evening! Very glam with hair up and a lovely black top. sorry the photo isnt so good - I caught her mid-flow so to speak lol
  12. Sammi

    Thank you!!!!!

    I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To Steve, Sarah, Tony, Katherine and Andy: Thanks for our smashing weekend as your guests - I certainly had a fab time and would recommend it to anyone. Katherine - all your efforts were truly appreciated and I hope we weren't too much trouble for you - although...
  13. Sammi

    Your favourite GTV purchases

    I hope you won't think me boring but I thought that, given some of the less than happy experiences with GTV of late, it's time for an updated "my favourite items" thread. I'm sure that many of us have acquired a few new pieces since the last "faves" thread. Anyway, I hope it will cheer us up...

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