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    Ali Y “Qualified beauty expert”

    I have never understood why this “qualified beauty expert” is still on QVC. She is the rudest, most condescending person, in my opinion.
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    Freebie Flinty

    looks like she’s wearing another freebie tonight. The burgundy gilet she’s wearing tonight is coming up this Thursday night On Frank Usher. Anything for a freebie
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    Customers facetiming QVC

    Why is it needed, that the rest of us need to listen to a customer fawning over QVC’s diamonique. I for one turned the station.
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    Scruffy presenters

    What on earth has happened to a lot of the presenters. Some of them used to look smart but nowadays they are looking very unkempt & scruffy. QVC UK really need to up their game. I can’t see any of the presenters in America presenting this way. Katy Pullinger & Alison Keenan are exceptions.
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    What is wrong with her, she can’t stand still for a second, keeps looking into the monitor, loves herself, too loud & cocky. Sorry but too much for me.
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    Lola rose - New presenter

    Watching Lola rose. Love watching Anna, but sorry NOT liking the new QVC presenter on with her.
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    Helene Berman

    Helene is such a lovely classy lady, so why oh why do QVC put her on with DF with no class whatsoever. DF tries to look dressed up but always fails. Wearing a fancy dress & jacket, which do not go together, then totally spoils the look with her big hobbit feet in a toe-post sandal 😱
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    Where have all the presenters gone lately?

    Will seems to presenting an awful lot these days. Just wondering why?
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    Can’t believe they have a guy on putting mascara on himself. Good grief, where have all the manly men gone now?
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    Fire light Lab grown diamonds

    How can lab diamonds be real diamonds? Really if something is Grown in a lab How can they be real? What a nonsense!!! I’d like to see someone trying to resell these, the jewellers would run a mile 😂😂😂
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    What’s happened to Jill?

    Just wondered what has happened to Jill? I miss watching her
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    Julia R

    Did anyone hear Julia talking on the Nina Leonard show a few minutes ago about being on the front cover of a magazine in 1966 & her school friends bullying her. Then she says “And where are you all now!!!“ pointing at the camera and making a very ugly face. Sorry to disappoint you Julia but...
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    GA-DE make-up presenters jacket

    Anyone else watching the GA-DE makeup tonight. I’m loving the presenters sequinned jacket. Anyone know who might sell it? Thanks 😊
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    Diamonique with Chloe

    Just switched stations & Chloe is on the diamonique show. The model had a long pair of earrings on backwards lol. Does no one pay attention anymore. Chloe is too busy looking at herself or yapping rubbish.
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    Dyson —— Not again

    Sick & tired of Dyson hair straighteners, hairdryers on QVC. They’re being flogged to death🤯
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    Can Alison Keenan not keep quiet for a minute?

    I like Alison, but I wish she would calm down. She just never, ever, stops to catch her breath.
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    I like Pipa but find her voice so irritating. She is so loud I have to turn my volume down & it’s worse when she gets hyper he voice goes high pitched and squeaky. Drives me nuts.
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    Jewellery “Experts”

    Why oh why do we need more than one presenter to talk drivel about diamonique? It’s cheap worthless diamond copies.
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    Alexis from L’Occitane

    Is Alexis pregnant
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    Watching Tova on QVC, what a strange woman.looks about 100 but acts all giggly & flirts more than Julia does. 😂

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