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    BA Avios Points

    I have been amassing some lovely Avios points for the time we can fly freely again, via the BA eStore. It seems that the QVC are no longer participating, is it just me that can't see their partner app or have they withdrawn?
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    Big Deals 12th to 18th March versus Sun Joe

    Hi all, Any ideas what next week’s deals might be? Trying to decide whether to spend my ‘£10 voucher’ on the Sun Joe tsv or wait. Has anyone tried the Sun Joe tools at all? Sian
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    Dyson TSV 6/10/16

    Hi all, does anyone know what the Dyson TSV is for this week? Thanks
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    Foundation Recommendations

    Hi folks, am looking for some help with choosing a foundation. I was a Bare Minerals user for years until I tried Laura Gellar and found that great too (& much tidier!). Lately, however, my skin has been very dry and my skin tone very uneven and my usual is just not working. I bought the Tarte...
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    H2O Mop TSV 4/6/15

    Hi all, Anyone know what the H2O TSV on Thursday is? Sian
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    Hermes/Courier nightmare!

    I am so mad I just had to vent to all you understanding QVC'ers! I have had a nightmare with deliveries recently. I don't know if my courier has changed but in the last 2 months I have had issues with 4 orders either missing, damaged or part delivered. The latest one that has caused me to raise...
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    Bose TSV January 2015

    I see that Bose is coming up, any ideas what it might be? I'm looking at the soundlink speakers to replace my very outdated hifi. Sian
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    I love Dale, he's hysterical and great entertainment, but the Xmas jumper!
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    Black Friday UK

    Hi all, anyone got any insider tips on some Black Friday UK deals? Thanks in advance. X

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