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    QVC Stop The Patronising.

    This is regarding QVCs presentation last night of todays TSV.Stop patronising viewers.Dale Franklin is by far the worst for doing this but not alone.Do you assume your talking to senile people who have been living under a rock for the last 15 years? I may be wrong but I doubt if anyone who is...
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    What I love about Ideal World ,is the huge diversity of products you can get.I can get Karcher Pressure Washers,Bissell Vacs, ummm..Grease Lightning car cleaner,Karcher Pressure Washers..Oh I already mentoned that..OK you can get carpet cleaning machine...oh .mentioned that as...
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    Fuji/ presenters

    Yeah so Fuji cameras ,as we're told by the man with the ironic name ..Matt Trim.. don't put their name on anything else ,just cameras... and that would be unlike what exactly? Unlike the Samsung and Sony cameras that he also flogs who Of course put their name on lots of things, so they must be...
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    To Sean( and IW)

    For Sean Ryan Don't go on television and say things like it's going to be -15 next week apparantly" Using scare tactics to sell something is a cheap and desperate ploy and not appreciated.Got it? Where did you hear that forecast?.Is it for the outer Hebridies? London,The North,Plymouth...
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    Seeing Double??

    I was channel hopping and I had to pause on QVC becasue there was a woman on with Debbie Flint ,who looked almost exactly like her ,as well as sounding like her. She was wearing a red dress and had glasses. Anyone know if this is her sister? Has to be.If not..what a lookalike.
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    Thats it

    Take note Ideal World. There are people out there who don't want and won't have Christmas mentioned in Early June ..and you;ve gone and done it.I bet 3 people as soon as I saw you had that annoying git on selling his helicopters that the word Christmas would be mentioned.You kept true to form...
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    "Last Chance" "One Time Only"

    I'm baffled as to how Ideal World manages to stay in business.I never watch it anymore ,and only see it when I'm channel hopping. Almost each and every time they have a gormless looking guy flogging a Bissel whatever it is,or that guy who wears the same shirt and trousers all the time...
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    Just Unreal

    I'm surprised that nobody has ever commented on the fact that Ideal World can't keep the phone number and website address on screen at the same time Next time you watch have a look.The phone number appears,then vanishes ,to be replaced by the web site address,..and so on..What the hell is that...
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    Anthony Heywood

    Has he left QVC? I haven't seen him presenting any of the Home Electronics/Gadget hours in a long time . I hope not.I can't stand the sight of smarmy Dale Franklin who reminds me of creepy TV host Guy Smiley from the Simpsons.Insincerity oozing out of every pore. Anthony is a genuine bloke and...
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    Do Ya Know What It Is Yet?

    ....Asked Rolf Harris once upon a time. Well I saw some bloke selling womans clothes on QVC. George something or other.And in answer to that Rolf Harris question... NO I bloody well don't what it is. Looks a bit like my auntie if somebody did a wax figure of her. I don't mean to be unkind.I'm...
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    Sort it QVC!!

    I'm sure there are mostly women on this forum who couldn't care less about Home Electronics ,PC Needs,and innovative gadgets.To you, this post will mean nothing but to those of you who have bought these sort of things from QVC ,and that includes me,you must be dissapointed at QVCs obvious...
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    Actifry..Blatant Lie

    I can't believe that Ideal World are prepared to say ,with a straight face that their selling price for The Actifry is the cheapest anywhere.Doing a Google search immediately brings up proces that are cheaper. I mean ,you don't even have to look hard...
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    Beatles For Sale.....Don't Buy

    From IW that is.They're charging 10 quid more for the mono set then everywhere else.QVC had it at £169 AND on easy pay..( easy for who exactly??..but thats another argument for another time).It's a cheek of IW to be selling it at that price and not even offer the option of spreading the...

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