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    Why is options still down?

    From the early hours of Thursday morning options of choice ( ie colour/ fragrance etc) of items has been unavailable. Thursday morning show announced an apology and it was now working , it wasn’t & Friday evening still options choice still not working. I phoned an order to Q this morning ...
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    Steven Coates Elemis On QVC

    New member of Elemis presenting team Might be a bit of fresh air presenting from male point of view From his Facebook Hello and welcome! 🙂 I am so...
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    Leigh now with Doll10

    Nice surprise to see Leigh (originally from Tarte ) Is now with Doll10. :mysmilie_8: LinkedIn Profile Also on videos on Doll10 Facebook
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    Cozee Home New Items

    Cozee Home Supersoft Microfibre 3 Piece Duvet Set Available Pink , Grey , White MATCHING Cozee Home Supersoft Microfibre Deep Fitted Sheet Available Pink , Grey , White...
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    Bareminerals sale

    bareMinerals SALE (tomorrow Friday) But some items already on sale on Q website
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    March NEW Tili Minis

    March NEW Tili Minis There will be 7 mini items in a holographic bag Although I can feel a Tili Gate coming on .. As posted on Facebook there is one item that does state not for resale ... hmmmm
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    Auto Delivery

    Phoned Q to cancell an auto delivery .... Elemis 4pc collagen set due every 60 days.. next despatch due 17th January 2018 Shocked to discover that monies £59.98 already taken from my account on 28th December ... despatch 20 days early!! I'm fuming!!! DISGRACE!! Luckily I had monies in my...

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