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    Where have the reviews gone?

    Back in December, I ordered some plants for a friend. I thought they would make a perfect birthday present as they were due to arrive in March. When I received them I was a bit shocked to find that they were little more than twigs - they were meant to be passifloras. I looked online and there...
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    I have noticed that some of the presenters (especially Debbie Flint) seem to be welded to their iPads, constantly searching for tweets. How rude when they are supposed to be with a guest, presenting a show! I guess it knocks up their rating on Twitter.
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    Ms Franks does it again!

    According to La Franks, who is currently demonstrating the aeropilates machine, someone ran up to her the other day and asked where she got her shoulders. Does she believe that everyone that watches QVC is totally gullible? What a load of old Horlicks.

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