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    Shark TSV 19/02/22

    I was hoping for their hairdryer and diffuser, I tried the Dyson but wasn’t impressed as diffuser is too small for long hair
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    When is next IT cosmetics Tsv?

    Thanks both, in previous years they have been mid October to early November, so I’d there is one it’s later this year. I will give social media a go
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    When is next IT cosmetics Tsv?

    Hi, does anyone know when the next TSV is? Thanks
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    Cozee Home TSV 29/09/20

    I have had mine delivered, washed and put it on the bed last night and am not impressed. I would usually use Flannelette bedding in the winter and think it is so much warmer than fleece, so it will be going back.
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    Cozee Home TSV 29/09/20

    Thanks, I will have to wait and see if they turn up then
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    Cozee Home TSV 29/09/20

    Hi, I ordered this in the grey superking size at around 7am, so it has been reserved on waitlist, does anyone know if this went to advanced orders? I was at work but my mam thins that advanced orders was mentioned, thanks
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    Cozee Home TSV 29/09/20

    Does anyone know roughly how much this will cost for a superking? Am looking for new bedding and like this one and the faux mink and fleece set which is £57, thanks
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    It Cosmetics TSV 02/04/20

    I was hoping for easy pay but need a cc cream so will go for this
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    zhuzh is it any good?

    i am going on holiday this year and wondered whether to buy some Zhuzh i do tan well, but partner doesnt so tend to not sit in the sun as much as i would if he didnt burn has anyone tried this? if yes what did you think of it? thanks
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    sbc collagen

    I think I read somewhere that the SBC collagen products contain alcohol, but cant remember how long ago I read this to find the thread Does anyone know if this is both the gel and the serum? I have been on the SBC site but they don't give you the list of ingredients I have dry skin so...
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    julia's dress

    I was trying to find something to watch tonight and flicked briefly on to QVC and watched 5 minutes of the Yankee Candel show. I wasn't interested in buying the candle but really liked the dress that Julia was wearing does anyone know if it was from QVC? I thought it might be Ronni Nicole but...
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    holiday to Turkey offer

    My mam has received a letter from Bid-up TV offering her a 5* holiday Turkey for £200. she says this is because she is a loyal customer and is because she has been with them for 5 years I wondered if anyone else had this letter? Is it a complete con as it sounds too good to be true

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