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    SBC TSV 21/12/21

    The wintergreen is amazing if you have never tried it. I can’t wait for this
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    Hourglass Cosmetics Launches 19/09/21 at 5pm

    I started using hourglass about 5 years ago and the blusher lasts all day. I also had the highlighting pallet and it last for years. Yes it’s expensive but the pots are never ending
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    Hourglass Cosmetics Launches 19/09/21 at 5pm

    I absolutely love hour glass the blusher is the only one I use that lasts all day. The highlighter set with 3 in is amazing and when i wear hourglass I always get compliments
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    Rio Beauty TSV 31/1/21

    I don’t know if mine is faulty but it hardly removed anything from my skin. I used the highest setting so it’s going back
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    WEN Haircare

    Hi guys, Does anyone know the cheapest place to buy wen haircare. The tsv was amazing value but can't believe how expensive it is. :-(

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