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  1. yorkrose26

    New Presenters

    So a month on what do people think of the new presenters? Personally I am not a fan of Ophelia as I am not in to that all that 'positivity' and 'mindfullness', so can't quite gel to her style. As for Annaliese, she just seem like another 'run of the mill' presenter, who yes 'excitable' and...
  2. yorkrose26

    Wait List

    Hello 'lovely people', I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the above option and how it exactly works. Do Q e-mail before they take the money out that the item is back in stock and do you want the purchase to go-ahead, or do they 'skip that bit' and go-ahead anyway? I have a...
  3. yorkrose26


    Given the fact that we are near the end of 'strange' ( I am sure no-one can dispute that), year, it made me wonder nostalgically what brands (Q or otherwise), that you wish were bought back, either because of a memory or 'just because'?!
  4. yorkrose26

    Michael Perry

    I am not one to judge on a person's appearance etc (Judge yea not who would not be judged etc...), but I have just caught a glimpse of Michael Perry and I felt almost 'disgusted' that Q have 'allowed' him to come 'on-air' dressed like that. His tattoos were showing (not a fan anyway, but these...
  5. yorkrose26


    I know that this is a very very random request, but I am sure others have ':giggle:insignificant things' that play on their minds. Mine is this, can someone remember the # before the current one #qvcalwayswithyou. I know it is insignificant and is not important in any way, but it is starting to...
  6. yorkrose26

    Caution to all 'Smart Users'

    The BBC has yet again proved, why I have made the right choice in not going 'smart'. I like to think that I am 'tech savvy' and I am the 'go to' person amongst family and friends, but one thing I have always resisted against is Social Media (facebook and twitter etc, I mean do I really need to...
  7. yorkrose26


    Hello, I have just noted that Q have (seemingly) permanently extended their 30 DBG to 60 and also included a little 'spiel' with regards to 14 day returns cancellation policy and return postage etc (not before time). However, there was a paragraph at the bottom that seemed to be a little...
  8. yorkrose26


    Why is that when presenters present a phone, or tablet or even bedding that is of 'lesser value' (money wise), do they need to compare it to items of more expensive value and try and 'convince' people that they are getting the same features and (better) in some cases than the more expensive...
  9. yorkrose26


    I am aware that my brain 'confuses' easily. But could someone please answer me a question, why is it that a person you have seen 'live' in the studio one day is 'suddenly' live-linking the next. I mean it is obvious why people from 'afar' do it (given the fact that there is no planes from say...
  10. yorkrose26


    I know this is slightly off-topic, but bear with me (please), if anyone has an Echo (I refuse to have one of these 'always on' machines), and asks them for a recipe for say Toad in the Hole and Gravy do they get the American version of Toad in the Hole and Gravy or the British Version?!
  11. yorkrose26

    Call me a cynic!

    But is the reasons the same products appear time and time again on 'Andie's food fest' so that he can stock up on his freezer for free?!
  12. yorkrose26

    LJ Rich - Please Read!

    Whether you liked her presenting style or not, I have just seen on the BBC News website this morning that she has been diagnosed Breast Cancer, she is talking about how her 8 (out of 10) rounds of 10 Chemo is enduring and what effect it is having on her body. I didn't actually mind her, but...
  13. yorkrose26

    Chloe - This morning Gift show

    I was just watching when they were 'flogging' a (in my opinion) over-priced pillow, well £540 does seem rather expensive to me! Anyway, there was Chole, stating that she 'wished' (heavy hint nudge nudge), to take it home. Do presenters not get enough 'freebies' without this blatant crassness!
  14. yorkrose26


    Yes, I know it is common knowledge that Apple is more expensive on Q (who actually uses the 'piece of paper') than anywhere else, but just noted on Very, that on the 2019 Ipad there is £50 off, thus a 32gb is £299 and 128gb is £399. Yes you don't get the 'tech support', but you can get it over...
  15. yorkrose26

    Star Ratings

    I know Q are there to 'flog', that is the premise of the channel! However, surely if a company sells different products within that company get bad ratings, then they may have a 'thought' (if only slight), that perhaps that companies products should not be sold on Q. I am talking about Tom...
  16. yorkrose26

    Andi's Food Fest

    Like them or loathe them, as a double act they are the 'only one',(for the food fest)I don't mean the only 'double act', I am not that 'stupid' :mysmilie_48: I mean Chloe really?!
  17. yorkrose26

    Lee Holbein

    I know that one could 'rant' on for pages about the above gentleman, but just caught him on Q today, ranting on about how may TV's he has got (all of course bought from QVC) and how many Alexia's, can you believe it 9 I mean why anyone would want one let alone 9 I have no idea. He has always...
  18. yorkrose26

    New Ranges on Q

    I was just watching 'briefly' Q just a moment ago and noticed the 'bump' belonging to Eilidh Nairn and wondered given the number of presenters and (probably) back-room staff have or is currently pregnant why Q have never had any maternity ranges in stock. Is there anything that you would like...
  19. yorkrose26

    Who do you prefer and why?

    Of the three 'witches' (in the nicest possible way), who of the regular guest presenters do you prefer Gabrielle Bradshaw Anne Dorrington Gill Gauntlet. The reason I 'lumped' these together is that they are all reasonably interchangeable in that they can (and do) present the same kind of items...
  20. yorkrose26

    Google Chrome and QVC

    Hello, I was just wondering whether anyone else was having difficulty with viewing or even accessing QVC through Chrome. I have tried ah hoc for a few weeks now and always get a 'access denied' message and a further message stating that the service is denied on this server (google), just...

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