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  1. Mazza

    Decleor sale on allbeauty.

    I haven’t looked online to see what is in it, but I just got an email saying they have an “up to 60%” sale on Decleor this month. I’m not looking deliberately!
  2. Mazza

    Yankee Bundles 4 large jar candles £45.

    They currently have three selections available, Food and Spice, Floral and Summer. The last one includes one of the latest issue which I think is Fresh Farm Peach. I am hoping for an Autumn selection with the two new fresh ones! (They are currently on Q in a trio with a maple syrup one for...
  3. Mazza

    Yankee Candle Wax Melts

    I have just read on Wax Addicts that YC melts are to be discontinued from January 2020! This is a blow. Especially given the number of melt warmers I own. I like to buy matching melts for my candles. :sad: Will have to find another source when the vast stash runs out then. Have we heard any...
  4. Mazza

    John Lewis Clearance - Molton Brown

    I have been browsing the JLP Clearance and noticed two MB duos for those who like the discontinued Templetree shower gel, for £28 each. The first one is paired with Lily of the Valley. The second with Silver Birch. These two are also discontinued. They are available online from 8pm today and in...
  5. Mazza

    Alison Young in Daily Mail

    They have a feature today called What The Beauty Gurus Buy and AY is there with another 10. These include Jo Malone, Thea Green, Sarah Chapman. These are Alison's: Can't Live Without - Shavata. Goes once month for threading which makes you look younger and more modern. Brilliant Bargain -...
  6. Mazza

    Channel 16 has disappeared from my TV

    Has anyone else had this? My small TV in the bedroom (it is theoretically HD but not linked into an HD recorder) jumps from channel 15 to 17. I just retuned it and still no Q. The big TV downstairs is linked into a Humax HD recorder and that still has it. I know you need these recorders (for...
  7. Mazza

    Molton Brown discontinues Gingerlily!

    I just got an email from MB saying shop now for your last chance to buy certain fragrances which are about to be discontinued. One of them is Gingerlily!!!! Imagine the conniptions in Q Land. Not that I mind as I am not very fond of it. So unless it is just certain items, e.g. the scented...
  8. Mazza

    Yankee Candle Melt Warmers with halogen bulbs

    I don't know if this has been raised elsewhere, and apologies if so. Being late to the news as usual, I only saw this week that the EU regs have changed and halogen bulbs are no longer being produced after September, LED being the replacement. The (usually crackle)glass YC electric melt warmers...
  9. Mazza

    Yankee Candle

    I managed to buy the Just Go trio of large jars last week. They weren't on the website until after the show for some reason. They were dear by Q standards, £52 inc postage. They are quite mild but smell just as you would expect. Has anyone else noticed how few YC shows there are now and how...
  10. Mazza

    QVC vs Wax Addicts website

    I noticed today that all reference to QVC Yankee shows and TSVs have been removed from this site. According to Wax Addicts, QVC now have issues with the way they promote the YC shows, which they have done for four years, they say for free. So that seems rather odd to me and a pain because it was...
  11. Mazza

    Northern Nights Feather Beds

    Has anyone seen these on Q recently? In fact has there been an NN show recently? I love my feather bed but was thinking perhaps it should be replaced as I have had it a number of years. But I haven't seen or heard much of NN lately (I don't watch much but do look at the guide) and can't...
  12. Mazza

    Hermes dispute

    I read an article in yesterday's paper (just recycled so can't check!) about a potential industrial dispute between Hermes and their couriers who are refusing to work 20 days without a break before Xmas. One of the unions has got involved. I think if you want a day off you have to arrange your...
  13. Mazza

    Another Yankee show cancelled!

    I had set the recorder as always for a YC show and noticed it wasn't working. So I checked and it is a Karcher show. They cancelled YC last minute a few weeks ago IIRC. And in the last couple of shows I watched, they only had about four items over the whole hour.... well I say hour, they cut...
  14. Mazza

    Lakeland Bags

    My YC stash bags are on Q!!!!!!!! Item 805969, £15.50 plus £4.95. I forget the Lakeland price but they are FAB!!!!
  15. Mazza

    Bare Minerals BarePro Foundation

    Has anyone tried this yet? I saw a presentation and wondered if it was a viable alternative to Laura's Balance & Brighten. There were just so many shades though!! Talk about confusing. Luckily I was in the DHS the other day so stopped at the BM counter and asked for their help in identifying the...
  16. Mazza

    Yankee Portrait Large Jars

    Sorry I cannot do links but have spotted a new trio, Down On The Beach, which includes: Sangria Warm Waves SUn &Sand. This is currently showing at £47.00 with £5.95 postage but you never know they may reduce it to an event price or OTO. There are a few shows coming up in the next few days. The...
  17. Mazza

    Yankee Candles 2017

    Just had a look on Wax Addicts and they are saying that the UK/EU are keeping the traditional labels in 2017 and not the rather pathetic new style. They list these fragrances. January: Wild Mint, Cherry Blossom, Linden Tree March: Driftwood, Garden by the Sea, Sea Air, Coastal Living May...
  18. Mazza

    New Yankee Candle Labels

    Have we discussed this before? I don't think so! Anyway, YC are changing their labels from this Autumn. Gone are the nice big pictures to be replaced by a miserly little strip of illustration. The font is changing as well. IMHO it is a lot less attractive and rather cheapens the look. Examples...
  19. Mazza

    Delivered to porch!!! Er, No....

    What a disappointment this morning! Tracking says my Flora Mare OTO was delivered to porch at 9.31. Well my kitchen overlooks my porch and I was in there then and never saw anybody. I checked emails at 9.40 (which I do a lot on delivery days to make sure things do not sit in porch for hours as...
  20. Mazza

    Sara Griffiths on TV

    Just started watching a crime two-parter A Likeness in Stone on True TV and thought "I recognise that actress" (not the lead). Just checked IMDB and it is indeed Sara Griffiths! It dates from 2000 and also features Ruth Jones. Had to break off from the recording to check my facts, lol.

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