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  1. Dame Fondacox

    QVC vs The Cost of Living Crisis

    With inflation being the highest it's been for decades and data showing that consumers are already cutting spend across food, eating out and clothing (with further cuts expected to emerge across electronics, holidays etc.) and people having to choose between eating or heating their homes, how...
  2. Dame Fondacox

    Look Fantastic - 35% off Elemis plus BF code

    I've spent far more than I care to think of on LF. There's some particularly good deals on Elemis such as... PC Overnight Matrix which is £96.00 for 50mls, with free P&P compared to £94.00 for 30mls plus £1.95 P&P with Q. Elemis Ice Cool Shaving Gel at £16.25 each compared Q are offering this...
  3. Dame Fondacox

    Gatineau Beauty Passport ending

    I finally got round to redeeming two completed Beauty Passports and the replacment passports contained a note to say the scheme was ending in December and completed passports would not be honoured after this date. An excerpt from an email they sent earlier in the summer (pasted below)...
  4. Dame Fondacox

    Key Workers?

    So why are the QVC presenters, guests and studio workers and warehouse staff considered key workers? I thought the only retailers that fitted this category are supermarkets and pharmacies. They're observing the 2 metre rule in the studio but travel to work is meant to be only permissible if...
  5. Dame Fondacox

    Do you have a "Gift Bed"?

    The latest must have, according to CHuntley. A "Gift Bed" is when you leave some L'Occitane bathing products, hand creams etc. on the fresh towels you leave out on the bed for your guests to use while they're staying with you, and to take away with them when they leave. I've ordered several...
  6. Dame Fondacox

    Gifts for Viewers

    Now that "gifting" season is well and truly underway and presenters are often encouraging us to buy several, often expensive items as a "gift for teachers/shop assistants/lollipop men-women/the domestic help (in our several homes)/the people standing at the bus stop who you pass each day in your...
  7. Dame Fondacox

    Our 'Resident Beauty Expert' in the Daily Mail

    Recommending products that can be found on supermarket shelves and on the dreaded high street.
  8. Dame Fondacox

    Aldi Hot Cloth Cleanser

    Supposedly a dupe for C&P
  9. Dame Fondacox

    Anyone know what today's the Molton Brown OTO is going to be

    I'm not sure I can be bothered tuning in at 11.00 and there's usually a thread on here telling us what's on offer for the day.
  10. Dame Fondacox

    Kelly Hoppen on This Morning

    Talking about adding a 'splash of colour' to your home with £4.00 towels from ASDA or a £60.00 rug from Wilko's. I'm surprised she managed to pronounce the names correctly as it must be the first time she's encountered them. She was also plugging items from other 'dreaded high street' stores...
  11. Dame Fondacox

    Will QVC mark Alison Young's 50 birthday this summer?

    It got me thinking when I was watching AY on Fabulous at 40 and Beyond earlier, she turns 50 at the beginning of July but is more than somewhat coy about her age and has said she ignors birthdays. I seem to recall that they made a big fuss when JR hit the milestone birthday and wonder if...
  12. Dame Fondacox

    Anne Dawson

    I've just accidentally switched to Sky channel 581 - Revelation TV and low and behold, there was Anne Dawson presenting an hour of 'God Day' talking about going to Israel, being 'born again', the reality of 'Our Lord Jesus Christ' and the 'Holy Spirit' in her life and having her prayers answered...
  13. Dame Fondacox

    At home with Tova

    Well almost.... Jason Bateman has just bought the home she shared with Ernie for less than half the asking price. Very macho looking on the whole, not quite what I expected...
  14. Dame Fondacox

    Hair Advanced By RevitaLash 46ml

    Introductory priced at £131.00 plus £5.95 P&P and you can get it on 2 easy pays. Couldn't believe the demo on the 1.00 pm beauty show when the guest said you wouldn't begin to see the results until you'd used two bottles of it! Oh, and apparently Craig's using it :eek:
  15. Dame Fondacox

    The Beauty Channel and Trading Standards

    I tried to order the Verbena shower due at a few pence less than the anniversary price but the added appeal was that it was on two easy pays with free P&P which Ali Young was waxing on about. The operator gave me the easy pays but my first payment had the P&P added to it. When I questioned...
  16. Dame Fondacox


    She's listed under 'Talent at QVC' along with Sir Brucie, Westlife etc, in the November newsletter. Surely she's not going to inflict her singing on us. Could it be she's 'relaunching' her skincare range given the success of Time Bomb :thinking:
  17. Dame Fondacox


    Anyone think they'll be tempted by the TSV? I might have been and was even considering buying a large, expensive arrangement from the Peony website so I bought two of these when they were a OTO with free P&P, to see if they are as realistic as they claim...
  18. Dame Fondacox

    Kelly Hoppen

    Just been watching her on Celebrity Fantasy Homes. She was looking for a countryside, weekend retreat in Oxfordshire with a 'small budget' of £3million. She saw four properties, only one of which was 'remotely her' but on second inspection, the bedrooms were too small. The search continues as...
  19. Dame Fondacox

    Ann Summers coming to QVC

    Imagine - In the Sex Shop with Julia :giggle:
  20. Dame Fondacox

    Molton Brown

    They've closed their Liverpool store after just three years. There was never anyone in there whenever I passed it and they'd be straight onto you as soon as you walked through the door. It's the same in their Manchester store so I don't know how much longer that one will last. Didn't they...

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