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    I am so tired of all the junk...

    Someone once said on here that Dave Troth is very popular with the lady viewers. All I can say is that they must be really hard up for men where they are, or the menopause is making them delirious. Or both. Turned over to Gemporia earlier, and saw him in the process of delivering what...
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    Jim's Fingers 🤮

    It gives an awful impression. If the presenters don't care about their own appearance, then that reflects on the company. And when they have cameras doing close ups of their hands every few minutes, it isn't like you can ignore them. Doesn't matter how great the items are that they're...
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    Jim's Fingers 🤮

    I agree 1000%. I bet if you wandered into Tiffany's none of the staff's hands look like they've just finished building a wall out the back. Gemporia, TJC and Ideal World don't seem to realise that if you want to convince the public that you're high-end, you have to show you have standards...
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    Rachel Hatton returns to Gemporia

    Gemporia and TJC are indistinguishable these days. I only watch certain shows on either channel, and that's when the presenter is bearable and the items on sale are indescribably bad
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    Jim's Fingers 🤮

    Been unable to sleep much in the heat the last few nights, so have been up channelsurfing hoping I'll drop off out of boredom. Last night it was Foghorn Claire off Lifestyle on the main channel, so I hurriedly backed off and rewatched some Joan Hickson Miss Marple instead. Far more calm and...
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    Toby Cavill?

    He looks better now he's had the greasy hair cut and someone gave him a wipe down with a damp cloth. I can't stand any of the gem buyers/"investors" ("not that we can give you gemstone investment advice!" - so what's the point of telling us that title, then? It's an insidious way of getting...
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    Tattie Hattie

    Mutton dressed like they've ramraided a seconds stall down the market, more like
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    I am so tired of all the junk...

    I think it's people buying into the tale that Gemporia is one big happy family, and that the presenters are the viewers' friends. So there are plenty of people who will buy from certain presenters because they get mentioned in live shows. There is a woman who calls herself Mirabelle who seems to...
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    where have they gone

    Dean is doing shifts on Ideal World. Andy Love has now been taken on by Hobbymaker to work behind the scenes.
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    I have rarely heard any presenter explicitly give a disclaimer. If anything, it's the opposite. Like last week, when Lynn Jinks announced that she's now an accredited "crystal healer". So I fully expect the declarations about gems' alleged powers to get worse. Now it won't just be to buy some...
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    It's the presenters invoking dead relatives when trying to flog angel related tat that makes me want to vomit. What better way to honour your dead relative than to bring them into a dodgy sales spiel for market stall crap.
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    I am so tired of all the junk...

    Wny does it have leprosy? Definitely a gift for the family member you despise. 🙄
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    Presenters "negotiating" prices?

    Derek also did a few of the TJC jingles. I seem to remember Chloe saying that he was responsible for the Deal of the Day one, at least. She didn't appear to be very impressed as she said it, anyway.
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    Presenters "negotiating" prices?

    Derek and Marina seem to have cornered the market in awful ditties on TJC. First it was that abysmal dirge last Christmas, and now this shocker. They are funny though, since the lyrics don't always seem to go with the tunes. Either way, they haven't made me buy anything. I wonder how long it...
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    New presenter

    Never seen her before either. I'm not a fan of her hair extensions, as they're very obviously fake. She seems keen though. Poor Lianna is used to presenting at a nice, steady pace. I am now looking forward to seeing Loen on TJC. Something tells me that she won't be recommending the channel's...
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    Presenters rubbing/wiping their noses on air

    When you have seen the people Gemporia has chosen to sell their wares, the "quality" of their merchandise shouldn't come as too much of a shock. When she has her hair up, Adina looks OK. Well, better, anyway. Unfortunately, she insists on wearing it down 99.9999% of the time, and is forever...
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    Presenters rubbing/wiping their noses on air

    You may have been joking, but you might be onto something there. Should make anyone think twice about buying hairclips from Gemporia, just in case you get one that's been "modelled" by Adina onscreen, and it comes with a few unwanted stowaways 🤢
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    Quick, quick, quick?

    I think that they're under the impression that it sounds like "Please hurry! Don't miss out!". But to me it just sounds like "You! Gimme the cash, now!". I am pretty sure that this kind of selling seriously infringes viewers' rights to making a calm, considered and informed decision to buy...
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    Quick, quick, quick?

    Caroline Lindsay is another presenter who hurries the viewers on to buy. Like a nursery school teacher trying to get a five year old to the lavatory before they wee themself. She was like that on, too. So she's an old hand at shilling overpriced market stall level tat
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    Peter Sherlock

    It's all snake oil selling: get the punters scared and worried by pointing out that they're no longer 25, and therefore they are only fit for the knacker's yard. Then they pull out their miracle cream/supplement/face mangler, and state that it will knock at least 3 million years off your age...

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