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  1. Bettyboo

    Judith Williams very strange woman

    I don’t know how she’s got he cheek to promote these products when she has obviously got a ‘plastic’ face. She may speak nicely but it’s all lies imo.
  2. Bettyboo

    WynneStyle TSV 29/06/22

    It looks like an overpriced long vest to me. Similar to something I sleep in.
  3. Bettyboo

    the most overused descriptive word

    On trend..
  4. Bettyboo

    Its June again ....

    I was born female and I have lived my life as a female but I don’t go around banging a bloody drum about it. People can call themselves what they like but as far as I’m concerned there are two sexes male and female. Some of these so called genders people shout about are totally alien to me ,I...
  5. Bettyboo

    Moda in Pelle TSV 27/05/22

    This type of sandal is not for me. No support and my feet slip out of them.
  6. Bettyboo

    Has Alison Young lost the plot?

    I thought it was a friend of one of the presenters possibly del boy Flint.
  7. Bettyboo

    Has Alison Young lost the plot?

    Maybe there will be a Jubilee Crown competition!!!
  8. Bettyboo

    Has Alison Young lost the plot?

    AY is on Q at the moment and I am lost for words to describe what she is wearing. OMG. What a mess. Or am I just not up with the latest fashion?
  9. Bettyboo

    DeJour Fashion TSV 16/05/22

    These flowery frilly dresses are everywhere and are mostly maxi length. I am finding it impossible to buy a dress these days as these styles can’t be shortened and we are not all 5’10” and size 8.
  10. Bettyboo

    Keeley Elemis eyes!!! 😂

    I noticed it the other day. These women need a reality check as in my opinion natural ageing is a far better option than having a plastic face.
  11. Bettyboo


    Just watching JR on QExtra with Ruth Langsford and I must say Julia looks quite slim. Not sure if it is an old recorded show or a recent one.
  12. Bettyboo

    Mummy to be.

    Well we are expecting our 6th great grandchild in October. Mum and Dad to be are so excited as are the whole family.
  13. Bettyboo

    Ruth Langsford Fashion TSV 09/04/22

    You are not alone especially with ‘jegging’ type trousers.
  14. Bettyboo

    Ruth Langsford Fashion TSV 09/04/22

    I decided to order this TSV as I needed a pair of nice stretchy jeans. They arrived today and what a disappointment. They were inside a polythene bag and as soon as I opened it I noticed a smell like damp as if the had been in an old cellar for weeks which put me off straight away. When I took...
  15. Bettyboo

    Maybe for different reasons…..

    I’m not good with names but I remember the guy who did Blackhills gold and silver jewellery. I also remember a range of turquoise jewellery I think it was a female guest and the woman who did Spanish or was it Italian gold I still have a couple of pieces and that was many years ago.
  16. Bettyboo

    The wedding shop

    We had a cheap wedding my dad made the cake and mam made the ham salad tea. Just immediate family. We have been married 60 years this year. No need to spend thousands of pounds marriage is what you make it.
  17. Bettyboo

    The wedding shop

    I’ve just received an email from QVC inviting me to visit the Wedding Shop. I clicked on the outfit to remember. Please tell me it’s not me that has bad taste when I say the outfits shown were awful and some of them more like something I would wear to a funeral or even to take the dog a walk. I...
  18. Bettyboo

    QVC is not alone....

    I totally agree with you. I am 80 years old but I am not an old lady if you know what I mean and I am struggling to find anything suitable for me. All I seem to see are hideous floral ‘ditsy’ type dresses in the most drab colours with frills and puff sleeves and for someone like me in a size 16...
  19. Bettyboo

    Masai Copenhagen TSV 11/4/22

    I agree with HeIS I saw the dress you refer to and thought it was awful and the price is ridiculous. Il looked at a brand called Saloos recently and they do layering type womens wear at a fairly reasonable price. I do like these Scandinavian styles for the warmer weather. I live in hope we get...
  20. Bettyboo

    QVC Valentines surprise

    Ends at midnight i think.

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