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  1. Bettyboo

    Has Alison Young lost the plot?

    AY is on Q at the moment and I am lost for words to describe what she is wearing. OMG. What a mess. Or am I just not up with the latest fashion?
  2. Bettyboo

    The wedding shop

    I’ve just received an email from QVC inviting me to visit the Wedding Shop. I clicked on the outfit to remember. Please tell me it’s not me that has bad taste when I say the outfits shown were awful and some of them more like something I would wear to a funeral or even to take the dog a walk. I...
  3. Bettyboo

    Jackie Kabler

    J.K. Is on the Gatineau hour and I have to say she looks lovely. It is without doubt the best I have ever seen her.
  4. Bettyboo


    Did anyone hear JR say she won’t be on the main channel for a while?
  5. Bettyboo

    DF. Live

    Just scrolling Face book And up pops DF singing live from Devon. I kid you not.
  6. Bettyboo


    I am surprised Q haven’t started the stockpiling craze yet. I can just see it, 50 super duper bog rolls only £100 on three easy pays. Many other things come to mind such as Pies and other food items.
  7. Bettyboo


    Whoever tells DF what to wear needs sacking. If she dresses herself she needs sacking.
  8. Bettyboo

    Lunchtime ‘Fashion’.

    When did Heidi start presenting on Q? How stupid they both look. If that is supposed to be fashion I must have lost the plot.
  9. Bettyboo

    Debbie Flint-Oh dear!

    Just had a quick look at the clothing hour presented by D.F. And omg. What is she wearing? I can’t decide if it’s a pair of curtains or a set of loose covers from way back when. She looks just awful in fact the items she is presenting don’t look much better and the prices are ridiculous.
  10. Bettyboo

    Helene Berman...

    I have never heard of this brand but saw it on Q web site. There is a coat priced around £150 and the description says ‘ each piece is produced wholly in the UK. with fabrics sourced from European mills in France,Italy and Spain. I might be missing something here but to me that statement is...
  11. Bettyboo

    Alison Young-Practice what you Preach.

    A.Y. Is doing the Phillip Kingsley show and raving about the Elasticiser. If it is that good why doesnt she use it herself? Her hair is a disgrace and the thing she is wearing looks like a plumbers overalls to me. How she can be a so called Beauty expert looking like that I don’t know.
  12. Bettyboo

    QVC web page problem.

    When I open Qvc UK web page part of it is in German. Is anyone else having this problem.
  13. Bettyboo

    Julia Roberts in a Mini Skirt...

    Is it me or does she look really awful in that mini skirt. She appears to be wearing leggings or tights as well but for goodness sake she hasn't got the best legs in the business and imo they look better covered up.
  14. Bettyboo

    Molton Brown put to the test....

    Watched a consumer programme last night on Channel 4 they did a test on MB hand wash. They spoke to a young man who had shelves full of MB products in his home and set him a test. They swapped the MB with,an Aldi brand at 89p then made a hand wash from scratch and asked him to try them all. Aldi...
  15. Bettyboo

    Deborah Lippmann model...

    Just thought I'd have a quick look at this nail set as I've not seen it before. The Models nails are a disgrace I have never seen a nail model with nails in such a state. I do my own and could easily have stepped in at a minutes notice and mine would have looked better. When are the powers that...
  16. Bettyboo

    Clare's Hair!!

    Why oh why do these long faced women wear their hair in a quiff. Is Clare playing copy cat with Pipa. I think it looks awful and is not at all flattering to either of them.
  17. Bettyboo

    Clarks Shoes.

    How can QVC get away with selling the Denny Raffle court shoe for £51 + when they are on Clarks website for £27-50. Yet another rip off..
  18. Bettyboo

    Percy and Reed Hair products..

    Why on earth is AY presenting a Hair products show when her own hair is a disgrace? And I must say the guest Presenter doesn't exactly inspire confidence with that hat he is wearing in fact he looks as if he would be better suited to flogging Garden Gnomes.
  19. Bettyboo

    Lulu Guiness Handbag in TKMaxx...

    I saw a Lulu Guiness Handbag in Llandudno TKMaxx it was £129 down from &169. It didn't look any better than the £25 bag on the same shelf. It is the first time I've seen this brand and to me it is nothing special and totally overpriced.
  20. Bettyboo

    Morning Style with Kathy!!!

    With a title like Morning Style you would expect to see the presenter looking stylish. Not so on this programme, Kathy looks awful in those pants with that top in fact the whole outfit is a total mess IMO. Who on earth decides what she should wear I wonder? It's time someone else with a better...

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