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  1. rosey

    Quidco and qvc

    I just got confirmation that my purchases from sept/October and November have been confirmed so will be paid with the next payment. Slow but at least it has come through. Just need the December onwards to be done now :). Obviously they have been having problems as it has never taken this long...
  2. rosey

    Canon Camera TSV - Saturday 5th May

    In todays May newsletter there is a picture of the TSV camera for Saturday. Having studied the picture it looks like it is the Canon SX40. We could be wrong though. As I would like a bridge camera I would be interested in this one if it was a good price. Does anyone have any info on this TSV...
  3. rosey

    Bare Minerals 1pm?????

    Having had to suffer all the rest of the crap over the 'Festival Weekend' sat down to watch the only programme that might be remotely interesting - Bare Minerals at 1pm only to find the annoying Rapilash Lady touting her wares yet again!!! Where is the bare minerals show and havent we seen...
  4. rosey

    Models Prefer/YBF eyebrow pencil For any of you who like me cannot be without the models prefer or ybf eyebrow pencil. I ordered the duo from here on Friday. Despite it saying that there would be a short delay due to them waiting for stock they arrived today. The cost including postage was just...
  5. rosey

    Memory Foam Matress Topper

    My husband has been having back problems for about 2 years and this week he went to a new chiropracter who suggested that the matress on our bed might be too firm. The chiropracter said that although it already has memory foam on it they do not put much on and a topper of at least 2 inches...
  6. rosey

    QVC Website

    Is anyone else having problems with the website. For the last couple of days it has been playing up. e.g. when I click on items from last 24 hours it just goes to a blank page. Or is it just me?
  7. rosey

    Empty Handbags!

    Just watching the Handbag Emporium show - why do QVC insist on showing bags with nothing in them. They just look like a floppy bit of cloth/leather. Do they not realise that bags come with a load of paper etc inside to pad them out to show them off properly. It really does not make me want to...
  8. rosey

    Primer Recommendations

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good face primer - not necessarily from qvc but it does help as I can try it for 30 days before deciding. I have always used Smashbox but the last bottle I had separated and the top was all runny and the bottom too solid. Also thought I would like a...
  9. rosey

    Smashbox Halo - Colour Change???

    I just opened a Smashbox Halo which I bought a couple of months ago on Ebay. I put it on this morning and looked like a ghost! It was my normal medium colour but was really pale. I was cross as I could not complain now after having it so long and thought it must be fake. So I went onto QVC...
  10. rosey

    Daniel Sandler Cosmetics ??

    I was watching the start of the Daniel Sandler show and Jill Franks said she was wearing the make-up and was raving about it. I thought she looked quite good for her! Being a sucker for trying new make-up (aren't we all?) I jumped to my puter to have a look at the products and reviews -...
  11. rosey

    Eyebrow pencils

    Was browsing on and came across these - they look exactly like the Models Prefer/YBF pencils which are the best ever eyebrow pencil. Hope they will bring them to qvcuk. The reviews are excellent. Maybe IT Cosmetics are the latest brand from Stacey...
  12. rosey

    Awaiting Stock!

    I wanted the Bobbi Brown Anniversary set since before xmas but due to the lack of funds around that time, I didn't buy it then. So I have been watching it as it was on waitlist. This week it came up as in stock - so I placed my order. I was really happy as it looked a good kit. I received an...
  13. rosey

    Superfast Delivery!!!!!

    Got my Gossip Watch tsv this morning - from Monday - delivered on Wednesday - must be a record at any time let alone with all the bad weather and parcel delays etc. Why can't qvc do this all the time - not the normal 10+ days for delivery. Maybe no-one is ordering as they are not expecting...
  14. rosey

    Gatineau Gommage Bargain

    I just ordered the Gatineau Gommage Duo as I love this product and item 219 013 is priced at £31.10. It is normally £30 for one. When I got to checkout it has come up at £26.47 so including the p&p it was £30.26 for the two! Just in case any of you are thinking about it - not saying it will...
  15. rosey

    Philip Kingsley Elasticizer or Ojon Treatment??

    I have just used the last of my ojon treatment and was about to purchase another (of *bay of course) and noticed that there is a Philip Kingsley tsv on the weekend. What are your opinions on this product - is the PK treatment better than the Ojon or should I stick to what I like?
  16. rosey

    QVC - Quality, Value and Cr*p!!!!!

    I have been waiting for the delivery of my special offer 1 litre ABC skinwash which I ordered on 2nd April after someone kindly posted the details on here. Today I rang customer service as it is now 16th April to be told that the courier Hermes are saying the parcel was damaged - they will now...
  17. rosey


    Do you think we are ever going to get another Smashbox TSV it has been ages since the last one and I have looked at the schedule and nothing is on their right up until 18th April. They have had one since our last one in the USA. We have had loads of other repeat TSV's already this year -...
  18. rosey

    Gatineau TSV 9th September 09

    I know there is probably already a thread on this - but I have been on holiday for the last couple of weeks and I cannot find one anywhere - did do a search promise!!! Do we know what this is going to be yet or please tell me which thread to look in - as I couldnt find one titled Gatineau...
  19. rosey

    Craig falling off the gym ball LOL

    Did anyone just see Craig demo-ing the gym ball and accessories. Well he was just saying how the frame thingy made it secure and then tried to sit on it and fell off - soo funny. Hope someone can get a clip - bet they don't put that on the video presentations!!!!
  20. rosey

    Alison Keenan's Little Slip - Ooops

    Did anyone see the footwear hour on last night at 11 pm??? They were showing a pair of EMU boots and AK loudly said - skinny jeans look great tucked into your UGG boots!!!!!. Bet the makers of Emu werent pleased about that. Even my hubby was chuckling to himself.:SHOCK:

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