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    Not that I’m a fan, but has anyone seen gobby mouth? Working from home, I channel hop most days to see who’s on and I haven’t seen her for several weeks.
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    Anyone else feel items are very repetitive? Everything one presenter airs, the next day someone else airs it. I mean yes some of us are working from home on different days, but never remember it this samey.
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    Julia Roberts

    Can she not present a show without referring to her daughter or son? It gets really tiresome. Have switched back to Chloe on TJC...must be bad...and I'm working at home 🙈
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    Who is the guy with Ellis?

    New presenter or guest?
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    Two Presenters?

    Why are Caroline and Chloe both on together this morning? Does it really need two of them? Caroline filled in for someone on Monday so not sure why she needs to present alongside Chloe, especially when they have Opatra again, with Marianne!
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    Never seen someone whose weigjt fluctuates so much. What does she eat? She turned vegan a few years back and has also slimmed down in the past. Her dress sense is appalling, so unflattering.
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    Where is Cris?

    Been thinking about this for a while. I haven't seen Cris since TJC were doing Jubilee deals. Very odd.
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    4pm Super Find

    Is no one embarrassed? No way Chloe would have aired these. I swear my aunt had these cushions when I was a child. This is cringe.
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    Ange Dressed as Xmas

    Why? It's embarrassing. You don't need to sell Xmas dressed like an idiot. She's playing along but you can see she's not happy.
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    Jojoba...the hype

    Mark has been showcasing Jojoba for nearly 3 hours, surely this isn't productive. It's sooo boring 😴
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    Beauty Gala

    Well that was a mess today. Someone put 50p in the meter. An hour for every item is poor. Nothing new of interest for me.
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    Jill Franks - Glasses

    There are no words...really!! 🤓
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    Are we going to have to listen to this all week?? 'I don't want it, I don't want to be ill". Don't mix with people then, simples 🙄
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    Primal Products

    A word of noy buy shampoo or conditioner from Primal. I have made a complaint today. The ahampoo is like water and the pump on the conditioner (which is a mask) does not work*. Worst experience ever in the shower this morning. I smelt more coconut from my Super Drug shower cream...
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    Lauren Stone

    So Lauren Stone is on TJC next week. Had no idea when they mentioned her before, she had launched a perfume that was very popular.
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    I don't know Drew but I see some of you talk about him on here. Just seen a fb post from Ange.
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    Destello (Dresses)

    Who and what age group are these aimed at? Why no summer looks? These seem very odd. Neither Hattie nor any of the presenters wear her range...well apart from Ellis who wants to get down with the kids. Looking forward to one of her new bags in August but that's it. If ypu overload customers...
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    Destello Going Marla Wynne

    Well Hattie certainly isn't that original. I don't like MW clothing, it's boxy, women have a shape. Let's see how much these are.
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    Mark Gould Hair

    What has he done between shows today...I swear it's plum!!!
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    New Line Ups

    Ok what do we think? I preferred Hattie with Jack n Graham on daytine. I can't take her seriously. She hasn't got enough grasp of the English language to carry an evening show. She has talked for half an hour tonight before selling anything. Jim is also not prime time. Might be a nice guy but...

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