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  1. goldie

    Moria C

    Who remembers Moria C she used to bring scarfs and bags to qvc . I seen her today she now has a stall flogging her stuff in my local shopping centre 🏃🏃
  2. goldie

    Fitbit Tracker

    Hi Anybody any heads up if qvc are going to be selling Fitbit ? Heard Claire saying yesterday she has got one and Craig posted photo of his . Just wondering if they are testing them for show . Easy pay would be good too lol
  3. goldie

    Face hair remover

    I saw this advertised on qvc the other night thought it might be good if it works ! £15 and £2.95 post V £1.04 no postage !!! I just LOVE amazon hehe
  4. goldie

    Pippa's Dress

    Hi Anybody know where Pippa's dress is from on the benefit show ? Would Be ideal for my Christmas works party 😃
  5. goldie

    Pyramid Pan cooking mat

    Looks good quick google what a difference in price !! Or Pyramid Pan Fat Reducing Non Stick Silicone Mould Cooking Mat Oven Baking Tray...
  6. goldie

    Doll10 Concealer

    Hi I am thinking about ordering Doll10 Concealer but not sure which shade. I am fair shade in laura geller balance and brighten. Any advice ? Anybody tried it, any good? Thanks
  7. goldie

    Buddha Flameless Candle

    Hi Great buy got this candle from Home Bargins tonight looks very similar to Qvc one but much better price of just £ 7.99...
  8. goldie

    Ninja Food Processer

    I am thinking about buy the Ninja as it seems to get great reviews. Not sure which one to go for here anybody got any advice? Many thanks...
  9. goldie

    Skechers Boots

    Well just received a pair of Skechers boots which are absolutely adorable apart from being covered in mud and stones stuck on the sole !! Cant believe they wouldn't check to see if they have been used before resending out . I am gutted need to wait till these are collected before get a new /...
  10. goldie

    Easiyo help !

    Hi I have recently bought the easiyo starter kit as it always looks so delicious on the tv. I tried to make the strawberry the other week it came out ok nothing as thick as shown on tv and it was lumpy. Last night I tried again and made the greek. I left the tap water out for a few hours...
  11. goldie

    Perfect Formula Nail Collection

    Hi Today I have received this item which looks great value for the 4 bottles, never tried this range before but at my wits end with my nails which have gone thin and peel :( Tried all the rest of the qvc brands but nothing worked.. Has anybody had any success with the Perfect Formula range...
  12. goldie


    Having had my cooks essential pots for 3 years I was going to bin them as the tefal has came off and everything now sticks to them.. then I remembered the lifetime guarantee so called them up and guy said no problem to return them which is great BUT the shocking thing is he sent me out a...
  13. goldie


    ' Kate and her mother Carol had scoured the shops looking for the perfect tiara. They tried Tiffany, Asprey, Garrards ... and then struck lucky with QVC' :sun:
  14. goldie

    Australian Bodycare

    I wonder what's happened to the Australian Bodycare TSV they used have them few times a year not now, I am gutted couldnt be without my skinwash and teatree oil but was always good to try other items in the range to ... :nod:
  15. goldie

    Bare Escentual Eyeshadows

    Hi I am new to the Bare Escentual Eye shadows thought I would give this one a go as looked lovely and sparkly for nights out but it arrived today and it goes on matt nothing like shown on tv.. I was wondering if there is a knack to putting it on eg eye shadow primer or you need use their brush...
  16. goldie

    The Alison Young Ring Has anybody gone for this? Looks really nice :sun:
  17. goldie

    Tweezerman Tweezers

    I have seen it all now £75.00 plus postage for a pair of tweezers :mysmilie_963:
  18. goldie

    Payment Methods

    I see that QVC now excepting Visa Electron as payment method :) Maybe noT a good idea for me i will be spending more now haha

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