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    And one of the singers with Joe Loss was Elvis Costello's father...Ross McManus(?), I think that was his name.
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    You should have stood on his toes and pressed hard when passing him, he might have got the message!
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    Julia Roberts

    I could be wrong, but doesn't Jill, sometimes, has to have the bulldog clip to hold the mic pack on her clothing at the back? There have been other presenters with the bulldog clip doing the same thing. When Jill is on with Anoushka ( Kelly this, Kelly that, Amanda this, Amanda that) she looks...
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    Kim & Co TSV 13/07/22

    Where is Kim anyway? Obviously not been over in the last couple of years, but we have still seen her jumping about and knocking the dog off that podium, enthusing about her latest creation over in Montreal, but now no Kim, no dog and no auntie (who is just as batty) for the last couple of tsv's.
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    QVC Now Want Verification

    Surely, having a mobile phone is an advantage for a person who is deaf or hard of hearing because they don't have to use it for conversation but they can read and communicate by text. My husband can't hear without hearing aids but even with them in he cannot fully hear his mobile, and simply by...
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    Did her nose grow Pinocchio proportions when she said it??
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    Monsoon deliver for free over £30 to your home or an Evri collection point, or click & collect at a store. Any return is free via a post-office, or the collection point. They have a very good website with frequent offers and sales all year round. I think that under the £30 for an order it's...
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    How much ?????

    Yes, you will have to keep the chain oiled on your saw, which will also keep the teeth oiled as well, when the chain goes round. Good luck.
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    the most overused descriptive word

    "In ALL the years I've been here..." Chunts announces every time she's on.
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    Monsoon TSV 08/06/22

    Except to return to Q. will cost extra, to return to Monsoon it's free!
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    Finery London TSV 24/05/22

    Especially the sundress complete with trainers and pink socks!
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    Finery London TSV 24/05/22

    M&S have most of the ones shown on Q last night. The difference being delivery and returns costs, and refunds being a lot faster.
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    Almost not recognizable

    There have been a lot of (professional) experts on television reporting on children with health problems that are happening now or will happen because of a lack of vitamin D. They recommend that children should have exposure to the sun each day for 30 minutes Before applying sunscreen. They...
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    Nina Leonard Fashion Designs TSV 20/05/22

    It is a reincarnation of a maternity dress from the late sixties/early seventies. There are high-street brands selling current fashionable dresses for £20 at the moment, American fashion like this offering is a blast from the past!
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    Has Alison Young lost the plot?

    Yes, L'Occitane has bought Elemis.
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    Almost not recognizable

    Deborah, (?) for Cozee is looking so different than before, as well. Her hair is shorter and a lighter colour, but her face looks brighter too. She really looked like a new Deborah on the hour last night with Pippa.
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    Jill Franks High?

    She doesn't drink alcohol so that wouldn't have been the reason. I think most of us on here are used to her eternal 'girlie-ness' and playing to the gallery with childish giggles. She does put herself on a higher level than others and the other night referred to the selly-telly-hour (which it...
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    Wynnelayers TSV 20/04/22

    Dale said "we've got to call it something..." !!! Then what's wrong with calling it a "viscose top that can be worn open or closed" ?? Because whoever described it as a bomber jacket shouldn't be working in retail!
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    What the heck!

    The lovely June must have been brainwashed if she believes some of the F.U. range is 'couture'.
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    Mummy to be.

    And Co-op stamps for your purchases. That's a lot of stamps for a baby! Just kidding. Congratulations to Chloe and her family, a lot of joy ahead.

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