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  1. gemcherub

    John Scott breakfast show

    Me thinks John is feeling a little naughty this morning, giggling I presume about the way he or someone else has positioned the oranges and bananas in the fruit bowl. Although his banana has drooped now :)
  2. gemcherub

    The good old days

    Do you remember "break points", free ring re-sizing and my favorite "Rapid auctions" in the early days of rapid auction it was a sale and I'm sure it was cost price or if not very close. I saw 1ct of Iliana diamonds for £169 etc An old member of staff actually told me they stopped rapids as...
  3. gemcherub

    Padparadscha sapphire

    Is this the same sapphire that Don sourced for gems tv that turned out to be padparadscha COLOURED sapphire?
  4. gemcherub

    Number 1 fastest growing privately owned company in the UK

    Congratulations to Steve, Sarah, John and Paula for being number one in the Sunday times. May your success continue.
  5. gemcherub

    Rachel Galley couldn't care a toss for her customers!

    Well my title says it all really. I like Rachel's jewellery and always watched her shows. Rachel always says when selling a ring just grab it in any size then contact me and I can size it to fit, she also says the pebbles in the ring can be engraved and again to contact her. So after Morgan was...
  6. gemcherub

    My Glenn Lehrer ring

    Just received my ring and there is a chip on the underside rim of the gemstone that reflects right through the gem, great quality control! What a HUGE disappointment but to be honest I am not surprised as I said to my husband whilst watching the show a few times that I thought I saw a chip, as a...
  7. gemcherub

    HELP black opal doublet?

    I should have known better lol Yes I was saying how over the top rocks prices are for tourmaline's only a few days ago but I am so desperate for a black opal (and have been for ages) I ordered one as I just can't find one anywhere. Anyway my question is it a doublet as in the flesh it looks just...
  8. gemcherub

    I am fuming

    I can not remember the last time i bought from or even watched gems tv it must be over 18 months! So I started to have a little watch just before Christmas and quite liked the look of the colour change sapphire, so I took the plunge and ordered 2 rings but I ordered 2 of the same design I...
  9. gemcherub

    White gold?

    I thought after a very long time of not watching I would flick on to Gems tv and see where they are at theses days. What is it with the lack of white gold on gems tv? I was looking at colour change sapphire NO white gold, blue colour change garnet NO white gold, orissa alexandrite NO white gold...
  10. gemcherub

    Mike Wall

    I just wanted to say how wonderful Mike is really, with Miles leaving such big shoes to fill I had my doubts but no need I find Mike just as helpful and on the ball. I haven't been buying much really but had a few delivery issues which Mike has resolved immediately, he always replies to emails...
  11. gemcherub


    I wanted to keep an eye on the Zultanite show this morning while i was at work BUT NO their blooming Internet is down!
  12. gemcherub

    Don Kogan

    He looks so well, i love watching Don he just makes me smile. I love how much passion he has for gemstones, nice to see him again x
  13. gemcherub

    Not quite the same % they received in their questionnaire

    I wonder if they will start advertising 32% of our customers would recommend us to a friend :yawn:
  14. gemcherub

    What is the point in the reviews?

    .......... if you can't read them all?
  15. gemcherub

    How strange!

    I was just watching the white gold "one to one" and looked on the web to see the breakdown and the start price was below £5000 so you could buy it on the web, they all sold out so they bough it back, it was the same item number but this time the start price was around £11000 and you couldn't buy...
  16. gemcherub

    Why, why, why?

    Friday - Emerald day - not interested Saturday - Under £30 day - not interested Sunday - Tanzanite day - not interested Monday - Under £30 day - not interested Talk about boring! i find myself watching less and less of TJC, why can't they just mix it up and stick to themed hours and not whole days?
  17. gemcherub

    Who is J Francis?

    Any one know?
  18. gemcherub

    I am livid!

    I saw Ian auction a little Rhapsody pink sapphire pendant and it didn't sell, i thought it maybe nice for everyday wear so i went on the missed auctions section on the web and popped it into my basket. About 20 minutes later i saw Ian sell it again? i looked in my basket and it had be removed! i...
  19. gemcherub

    What diamonds are these? What are natts diamonds?
  20. gemcherub

    Personal shopper prices?

    I was just wondering about the prices the personal shopper have to give (on items that have been on air and sold), is it the lowest price the item has sold for, the highest price an item has sold for, the average, or a higher price? I think thats all the options i can think of lol

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