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  1. donna255


    Not a fan. I just think it will all come off in the washing machine.
  2. donna255

    Jemma Forte - Brand Ambassador, Political Editor or ????

    You all missed the split in the front of the skirt. I watched a playback, and she moved her leg and the split went right up. Look at the photo and you can see it.
  3. donna255

    Astwood Handbags TSV 11/8/22

    Agree, no way will I get purse, umbrella, keys, tissues and carrier bags in that.
  4. donna255


    Fleur East is not a rapper, you will see her in ads for Butlins, mic held up screaming out a song. She did have a few hit records it seems and does local radio. On the Strictly Digital Spy forum, people are happy with her and know who she is. The thing is, loads of Strictly watchers have no...
  5. donna255


    Yes, Ellie Simmonds is doing it. Tony Adams, the ex footballer Richie Anderson has been a guest on It Takes Two Strictly show and a big fan, it seems. Matt Goss, straight from his Vegas residency. Will Mellor actor. He is horrified at getting his spray tan. But doing it as his mum is a...
  6. donna255


    Strictly haven't sunk low enough to pick any selly telly presenters from any channel. All the contestants have to go through health checks as well before being announced.
  7. donna255

    My middle name is ............

    Yes, M&S t shirts used to be really great quality and I still own 4 years old ones I wear. Now, they are as thin as anything. They have ones at £12 and the quality is no better than ones at £8!
  8. donna255

    My middle name is ............

    My mum wore Coty L'Aimant and I remember as a child the little black bottle of cream perfume. I did actually buy a few years ago the liquid spray in Boots. My mum also had a black bottle of cream perfume called Styx, which I really loved. She carried them in her handbag. Never seen it as an...
  9. donna255

    My middle name is ............

    I like 3/4 length leg pyjamas. Always bought in M&S £12.50 a pair, I get two years out of them washing ironing and wearing. So two weeks ago wander in a bit of a sale to go look at the pyjamas, usually down to £9.50 in the sale. They have stopped selling them! Full length, which I have to...
  10. donna255

    My middle name is ............

    The Co.op own brand brown sauce, the best ever, better than HP. Gone. Also, their own brand large sausage rolls gone. No gristle in the meat. The manager of my local branch insisted they only did them in the summer for picnics. Three years later, never seen again. Rochas Femme, eBay. I...
  11. donna255

    Escentual 20% Off

    Yes, ends on the 31st August.
  12. donna255

    Molton Brown Free Shipping

    Yes, MB are doing free shipping until next Sunday 14th.
  13. donna255

    Foreo TSV 18/8/22

    It is a small round hole, not the usual mobile style. I know it is somewhere in my flat, just get around to look properly. Just to add, the charge lasted must be 2 years so I put away the lead and I think in the case too?
  14. donna255

    Foreo TSV 18/8/22

    I own a Foreo bought in TKMaxx for £27 on clearance a few years back. I cannot find the bloody charging lead! I know it is somewhere. :eek:
  15. donna255

    M&S 20% off pure range

    Yes, it is a lovely range.
  16. donna255

    Michelle Mone Better Start Selling More Diamonique Police Raid

    Well, in the papers today. She has settled out of court over the racial comments and paid the man £50,000. Very glad the vile cow had to pay up.
  17. donna255


    Basso was the worst. He was always grabbing and pulling at the models.
  18. donna255

    Chloe’s new baby.

    The thing about adoption, is everyone wants a baby, there are very few babies and then don't just hand them out. Then those older children left because everyone wants a baby. Hence, people adopt from China etc where is it easier to get a baby, normally a girl. Extended family member adopted...
  19. donna255

    Chloe’s new baby.

    Really, so all over the years, dads or mums who beat the crap out of their children and each other. Great life for a child to grow up with for the Victorian fantasy of the perfect family mummy and daddy
  20. donna255


    Nina Leonard used to be a man called Leonard, he named the brand of his wife and himself. He died a few years ago, but the brand is still going. He did come over and was known as Lenny, loads of people really liked him.

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